So for those of you who have bothered to research me fully, will be aware I’ve been around on the BDSM scene both community and professionally combined for 11+ years.

In that time I have created many profiles across soical and alternative medias.  But in becoming a profressional, I now fall fowl of the scammers ripping my content and creating fake accounts pretending to be me.  Most of them get shut down as soon as I discover them – because I can prove I am me and they cannot.

This means that I am aware at anytime someone could fall victim to a fake account thinking that it is actually me!  To combat this I have the social media page here on my website, to confirm which accounts are legitimately me.  However recently I have also created a profile on Hubzter, with direct links to every single official link and profile I have – chances are if it is not linked on there it’s not really me, as Hubzter verify each of us as we join.  That said I’ve only just created my profile with them so there may yet still be a few missing, though the main important ones are listed.