Mistress Lagertha’s Social Media’s

Mistress Lagertha is most active on Twitter, you don’t have to be a user of Twitter to see what Mistress is posting.  See her live feed here (look to your left on this page), to view more tweets just over over the twitter feed and scroll.


Mistress Lagertha has a presence on the American but worldwide popular website Fetlife.com where you can follow and the deserving can friend. Search for the profile name MistressLagertha


Mistress Lagertha also has a presance on the Europian and again worldwide reaching website kinkster.life where again you can follow and the deserving can friend.  Search for the the profile name MistressLagertha


An adult friendly social feed site, not unlike Twitter.  You can follow with these details @MistressLagertha@switter.at


A subscribtion based social media, that Mistress Lagertha uses for video trailers and personalised video shorts.  Search @MistressLagertha


A selection of pictures and posts about what I’m up to. Search @mistresslagertha