As we now have to live with COVID, I’ve made some minor adjustments to in person sessions.
If in doubt please ask BEFORE booking.  

I continue to offer phone and cam sessions, plus you can buy clips, remote training, tasks and other personal items from me – links to the platforms I use are available on here or via email contact.

I have been triple vaccinated, but as that doesn’t stop us getting or transmitting the virus – which I did get in Oct 2021!  As such I expect ALL in person bookings to do a lateral flow test (LFT) the same day as you are booked to see me, which I can provide or you can obtain free from most pharmacies.  

I have risk assessed activities, to be able to see you in person again safely – since May 2021. 


International tours are back on!

Kick started by visiting Poland in Feb 2022, next will be Berlin-Germany in May 2022, then Paris-France in Sept 2022.

UK tours have resumed, but the number of venues still operating has dropped dramaticly.  At the moment Essex and Yorkshire are easy to book, or a hotel session.

Double Domme Sessions

I’m able to offer these again, with a variety of different Mistresses – both of our rates are payable, ask if you want more details.


The technical issues with the forms on my website have now been fixed along with broken links that were pointed out.  If you spot any new issues please let me know politely – thanks.


Read through My Interests to discover my  fetishes.
Message Me for more information, but be
warned: I don’t tolerate time wasters.


Make a financial tribute. I take pleasure in
receiving your gifts and contributions to
My lifestyle.


From the Extra Goodies menu tab, you can access exclusive content, videos and become a member for a monthly fee.

My aim is pure


I am naturally very dominant and controlling, so it seems fitting that I enjoy being a Mistress.

I am Dominant 24/7 in my life, I live and breathe it in every fibre of my being.

I grant sessions only to those who are truly deserving of my attentions. 

“If you want a whore go buy one – there are many who are very good at their job.  But if you want a quality BDSM Mistress EARN Me, and remember I don’t work for free!”

My Rules

What I expect!

I expect to be treated with respect at all times, and for you to provide me with the relevant information regarding your booking. I don’t offer sex.


Treat Me

My Wishlist

You may gain my favour by gifting me an item from My wishlist. It will be received as a token of your gratitude towards Me. I take pleasure in receiving your gifts and contributions to My lifestyle.

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