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Mistress Lagertha Féssee

Mistress Lagertha Féssee

Alternative Counsellor

March 2020 saw the arrival of covid into our lives.  So during the many lockdowns that followed I completed both a counselling qualification and understanding the effects of past adolescent trauma.

I am now offering a counselling service seperate to session time.  Where those who visit can feel comfortable discussing their fetish(s), sexual/relationship issues, gender identity issues, effects of their past on their adult lives today or anything else that comes up in a welcoming, supporting and judgement free environment.

Conselling sessions can be booked in person or online via video call at the rate of £80 per hour, paid in full in advance.

THIS IS NOT PHONE SEX CHAT! … please respect that this is a private mental health service to help those who need an understanding yet open counsellor.

Please use the booking form below and see the payment details on the ‘Pay a deposit‘ page of this website.

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