For those who don’t already know this, etiquette is how I expect you to behave in my presence and a form of good manners – these apply to in person or phone/digital interactions.  Protocols are the specific rules of mine, I expect you to follow and conform to while you serve/interact with me.



I have a preferred booking process which suits me best.  When followed, will reduce the time you spend during your first visit on essential pre-session formalities, by 15 minutes. Meaning you get more time for what you are in my presence for.  The booking ‘process’ is detailed on the page headed Sessions Fees, and the booking form has its own page.  
Phone contact – text for permission to call, I have other resposibilities and a call isn’t always possible; a reply will tell you when is good, no reply until later means I’m busy.
To see if we have similar areas of interests for types of sessions bookable, they are detailed on my Interests page.



If you see me out at fetish events/munches/nights/workshops, you are welcome to speak to me, provided you observe my approch protocols:
1. If I am mid session/scene with someone or providing after care to them post play (presence of a blanket or floor mat with the sub/slave means they are receiving aftercare) – DO NOT APPROACH, respect the intimacy of our time and come back to me later.
2. If I am sat observing the room/venue OR walking through the room/venue – you are welcome speak to me, be polite and curtious.  Those who are demading are seen to be rude and uncareing.



Be punctual, lateness is tardiness and a sign of failure to be prepared.  Plan your journey and arrive with at least 15 mins to spare, I can offer guidance if needed on route choice or pubic services, I know them all well.  Forward plan for possible delays where possible, such as time of day you will be travelling.  If the unexpected happens, I politely ask that you let me know as soon as safely possible.  If you get a case of the neves, it can happen, call me rather than not show up.  Otherwise you could end up not being given another chance.  I will likely give you a don’t arrive before time, there is a reason for that – it protects the privacy of others.  Failure to show up once you have successfully booked, with no contact having beeen made to explain your absence.  Means you OWE me a suitable apology grovelling costs and gifts encouraged, along with proof of your claimed reason.



PHONE: If you wish to speak to me on the phone, I ask for a text first to seek permission to call and WAIT for my reply – as it’s not always appropriate for me to answer and discuss session details, however note I will answer calls between 11am and 10pm daily, unless orders to the contary have personally been given to you individually.  I will not answer to anyone with a withheld number.
SESSIONS: I will book sessions Monday to Sunday.  Do not expect last minute bookings, I will if I can, but it wont always be possible – however check twitter to see if they come up.  If you are somebody who requires a level of anonymity, please get in touch to discuss this.



At all times be polite, manners are free.  The correct pronunciation of my name is L-ag-a-th-a, in person you are welcome to address me as Mistress or Ma’am (pronounced as in ham, not arm) alternatively Ms or Boss in public.

What do you want to get from your session? The answer is the information I will require to do my job and ensure we have fun in the process.  Be honest open and realistic, I’m not easily shocked or repulsed, but if it is clear you havent done your homework I wont be forgiving.  I am patient and understanding, but don’t take advantage of that, otherwise you will end up on the wrong side of my tollerance – I’m not fun when I have a sence of humour faliure.  I like to get a sense, of what is going on in your head regarding your submissive desire(s) so expect probing questions. I don’t want you leaving thinking, this was wasted time or not meeting your standard of expectation.  I have the ability to read most peoples bodies, but that skill works at its best with regular bookers.

I will always start with a consultation, to discuss and assess limits, to gain information about any and all medical issues you may have – which is to ensure your safety, and obtain your written consent if your session requires it.

I welcome your thoughts/journals and constructive feedback after a session, attention to detail is what makes all the differences for both of us.



Your privacy and mine are of imprative importance.  Yes I’m listed on the interent, but those who find me are actually looking for me.  So I don’t want to be publicly outed just as I’m certain neither do you!

I have seen important people and famous individuals as customers, but that is the full extent of all I well tell on the subject.  If you are an everyday person or the rich and famous, you are equal in my presence, and the same level of confidentiality applies to you all.

Regarding photos and video, everyone who is pictured or filmed has consented to being so.



For EVERY session you visit me for, a deposit of £50 MUST be paid.  The balance is then due upon your arrival – if you fail to attend you will lose your deposit.  For all sessions elswhere in the country (UK), they still require a deposit at the rate of hire for that chosen venue and possibly my travel costs – more details on those costs are detailed in my blog.  For All international session bookings a full 50% of your total fee upfront is required.
I WONT give out my phone number or any venues address, until I’ve received a deposit.  The deposit is to demonstrate you are serious and committed and not wasting my time – Those who cannot manage to do this or want to complain about it, don’t bother.
The deposit I ask for, covers any upfront venue hire cost and travel, so if the unexpected happens, I and the venue are not left out of pocket in anyway.
To pay your deposit – go to ‘Pay a Deposit‘ from the Booking menu, there you will find all options listed that I will accept.



You are to be freshly bathed/showered the day of your session.  Most venues I use have an onsite shower, which can be booked if required, but be aware doing so may mean you need a longer booking. If your session is to include anything anal, you must follow the preparation process detailed in my blog on personal hygiene. Otherwise you may get unexpected humiliation upon your anal inspection.



I use a well equiped domestic setting and also hire venues/dungeons/studios that have versatile settings and rooms, along with purpose built bespoke furniture provisions.  All of them are discreet with private parking.  It might seem scary the first time, but trust me it is not.  The private hire venues I currently use, have their own parking.  And are spread across the Midlands.  I do offer further afield if demand requires it, which means my fee will incure a travel contribution – see my Travelling page for more details.  I am building my network of places I can travel to with suitable venues, all require upfront hire fees be paid in the form of a deposit.
​Note, I will NEVER come to your home, so don’t ask.