About Me

I am The Mistress Lagertha ‘The Queen of Evil’, bold and powerful like the dominance of my namesake. Very naturally dominant, I have been knowingly Dominant since 2009, when I started honing my skills as a lifestyle Mistress.  To specialise in BDSM, traditional Corporal Punishment (CP), the training of traditional household servants, and bring in my life long specialisums of ball busting and feminisation/sissyfying. 

I conduct myself with the poise and dignity, the fact I have manners does not undermine my authority.  I am tall – at 5’9” – strong and confident woman, my traditional hour glass curves and striking looks command the attention of any room I enter.

I am not the stereotypical FemDom or Mistress in either appearance or mentality.  I care about the well being of those who come to see me.  I am personable but will discipline those who require it, verbally or physically within agreed limits.  Those who know me say I’m just the right balance of approachable and strict which, so I’m told, is apparently a breath of fresh air.  There is a time and a place for all things.

My ever growing collection of implements and equipment for administering your humilliation, escape, pain and or  punishment – not all enjoy pain; range through a variety of canes, whips, spanking tools, rope, medical staples, a collection of sensory items and a selection of violet wands.  My personal chambers within my home, have a main dungeon space and a second in creation, plus out houses perfect for confinement and degredation. The venues I hire when required for travelling sessions are purpose built, with a variety of room set ups from school rooms to fully furnished dungeons.

Many diverse individuals, female, male and couples seek my services ranging from novices yearning to enhance and integrate a newly found BDSM experience into their lifestyle. I educate new partners of exiting clientel on how to get more from their personal relationships.  I punish husbands because wives/partners send them to me for re-educatiuon. Through to welcomimg those well versed in the nuances of pain and suffering.  The rich and powerful, right down to the every day individual, with me you are all equal in status – which is below me.

You may require me to help you control your life/finances to keep you in check, with real punishments. While others in my presence, will benefit from submitting to my will to escape the demands of their own life.  Or you may want to experience a fantasy, which I am more than capable of delivering.

I enjoy nothing more than smiling sweetly with a knowing look as I deliver the desired session.  I may even be laughing or giggling as you try to hide the fact that you’re enjoying what you receive.

This is my pleasure when it comes to being your Mistress.

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I care about and respect the safety, consent and limits of everyone who submits to me.  I will read your body and its reactions, together with any pre agreed safety word/system.  I do allow constructive feedback, because I want you to get the most from your session(s).  I don’t want to break my toys, I’d like you to come back.

Sessions are currently bookable at my location in the West Midlands.  However I do also travel, if circumstances are suitable.  I will go into London aswell as other parts of the country.  I can be booked for sessions in other parts of the world, which requires the slightly different booking approch of Fly MeTo You.

If your area of fetish/kink interest is not listed on my page of interests, you are allowed to ask me if I offer it or will consider it.

I do not tolerate time wasters – meaning those who seek the thrills of constant messages with no intention of ever booking or showing up.  If you qualify as one of these types, you will be marked down on my shitlist.

I like to attend BDSM community events, and you can book me as your companion for such events, across the UK and the rest of the world.