My harem of personal slaves

So you fancy yourself the idea of becoming a personal slave in service to me.  Be aware real service and submission with me is not rolepay or fantasy, it also isn’t about your sexual gratification.  It is hard work dedication and devotion to a superior female power, to make my life easier for me.  

Not everyone who applies will be selected for interview, those who do get selected will need to be committed and serious.  ALL applicants MUST be over 18.  

I am a realist, and while I am a lifestyle dominant, I recognise that everyday life will take president sometimes for both myself and those who serve me.  Also consider this is no excuse for being flaky in your duties.  I expect you to be realistic about your availability to this commitment.  I like to have more than one slave for different purposes, so jelousy of the others or complaints that work clients come before you will not be tollerated.  

The role of my harem slaves, is not the same as being a standard client.  There is more flexibility with time and ways to serve, meaning a deeper connection and bond between us can form.  At the moment I don’t offer any live in positions, though I can and do allow those worthy over night stops occassionally.  What I am offering position wise, are opportunities for daily presence to assist me, 24/7 on call service to run errands for me and skilled trade exchange.  At your interview the level of service and commitment you offer will be negotiated in detail between us.  If you are successful with your interview a trail period of consideration will be set.  At the end of the trial period, the a review will take place to assess if we are a good fit and we want to continue.  Expect at least a year of service to earn your metal ownership collar, your leather training one comes first.  



– Play thing … I already have 2 so you’ll have to be special to gain a place here now.

– An intermate toy – must work, 25-40ish, (males) slim or medium muscula, (females) not too slim, all no substance issues, good mental state, own transport desiable EXPECT REJECTION I’M VERY CHOOSY.

– Domestic positions; house bitch, butler, maid/cleaner, house keeper

– Driver … local or able to travel.

– Admin bitch … a local one would be useful. 

– Marketing and media assistant

– Odd jobs or skilled worker slave … I have 1 more with different skills always required.

– Travel and holidays financer/sugar slave


You will need to demonstrate trust, respect, confidentiality, discretion, patience, commitment and a desire to submit.
I expect; honesty and truthfulness, I can’t stand a liar.  Sincerity.  Loyalty.  Discretion again, because brashness or outing isn’t tolerated.  Cleanliness, both personal and general.  Modesty.  Grace.  Intelligence, to learn what is required of you.  Respect.  Observant.  Attentive.  Ethical.  Humility.  Integrity. Hardworking.  And a strong sense of self.  Commitment to training and a desire to learn and serve me.  Regular contact and enjoyment of shared BDSM.  NO form of negativity, the only exception being journal entries.  Patience from a sub is essential.  Clear lines of communication, no grey areas.  A degree of companion friendship.  Awareness of boundaries, the acceptable and the not.  Domestic skills, which will depend on the individual slave.  Business skills, also varies by individual slave. Be mentally stable and addiction free.
You need to have an understanding that, all time served and the selection of activities, are on my terms.  A good job is always expected, bad behaviour will result in a punishment you don’t enjoy.  The slave needs to be willing to be corrected for their mistakes within defind limits, which will be discussed during interview.  You need to be clear about knowing what your availability is.  To be comfortable being around others.  Commited to serving only me.  Be in a healthy position to offer monthly physical or financial tribute.  Drivers with their own car are desireable.  Must be financially self sufficiant supporting yourself.

I sift through all applications, to weed out those who are worthy of my attention in selection.  For those of you who are selected, to prove your serious I will require an interview tribute, this tells me you are not lowlife time wasting scum – of which I deal with many.  I suggest you make and effort with your application to stand out in order to win my attention and favour.

To apply, you need to complete and submit the Harem Application Form.