I am now using this blog as a news post option predominantly.  Mainly because Having now moved web hosts so many times, posts get lost forever and because after a sever attack, everything I had rebuilt was lost again!  Which prompted me to contemplate alternatives, eventually that brought me to ‘Buy Me a Coffee’.  You may or may not have noticed me plastering the details everywhere hehe.

Anyway, I’ve now taken to writing different grades of blogs on educational topics and more, and to ensure they are never lost again I am producing them over on my Buy Me a Coffee profile.  Yes I am charging a very small monthly fee to read them, this is because I am sharing my skill knowdlege and training, if you read and think that they are worth more then you have the chance to tip more.

The public blog their is draw attention to important topics I will discuss in more detail in those that require the small membership fee.  I started with the first blog for teaching the ladies who also want to be dominant with tips and advice about building a professional business.  Membership also give readers free and discounted access to my own administration paper work.  The second blog is for the submissives whatever way they identify themselves, to offer the guidence and advice I’m always asked for to help them navergate their path in the BDSM world.  Finally ‘All the Extras blog’ is where everything else will go.

Do go along and check them out, post updates will go out on twitter if you don’t sign up.