Rules (otherwise known as Protocol), Manners and Behavior (otherwise known as Etiquette), exist for a reason.  Etiquette and Protocol make up unofficial laws of BDSM, though I’m sure many may disagree, however it is a good way to explain it if you’re new. So long as you follow them both, the best can, you wont piss people off, MOST importantly you wont anger Mistresses – or any Dominant for that matter.  Individual Dominants will inevitably have their own personal rules/protocols, which are, ‘as well as’ the standard across the board basic ones.  

This week alone I have been harassed by two separate people, supposedly enquiring about booking sessions.  Yet both are hung up on firing either the same questions at me, that have already been answered. Or hurling written abuse at me, about why I wont answer my phone at 5am!!  
If both individuals had any understanding of Protocol and Etiquette they would have done research about me, seen the current information (which is soon to be updated as a result of todays irritation) on this site and elsewhere on the web, about how best to approach booking a session or making enquiries.  But NO, horny ass harassment it was, which resulted in me ignoring them to maintain my sanity.  

Today has made me aware that most – but by no means all, because there are always exceptions – subs/slaves under the age of 35.  Are decidedly less likely to research rules and observe good manners and appropriate behavior, when making contact with Mistresses/Dominants.  Those over 35 have either learnt them already, or pick them up quicker because of up bringing … I’d say that the exceptions who are under 35 will likely have had a similar up bringing, where basic manners and respect were taught to them as children.  Transferable skills people! 

Anyway my point is this.  If you want to save yourself endless rebuttal from Mistresses, you need to put in the leg work on educating yourself appropriately: How to address Us, How to make an enquiry, How to book actually book a session with the Mistress you want to see – we are all slightly different, When you can contact us and which method is preferred.  

I’ve started a Video Tips Vlog on my OnlyFans account (there is a link on my social page), this subject will be the next focus, to join the idiots guide to personal hygiene, corset wearing tips, and how to do up stockings, I think.  

Please ignore the poor spelling, my dyslexia relies on spell checkers and the one for my blog seems to be American.