I have recently recieved several enquiries about realistic roleplay sessions, that some would think are quite extream.  But it all comes down to perception in the mind.  And as I’m a very creative person, this type of thing is right up my street.  Playing with your mind to make you belive it is real, when really it is only a game and quite safe.  

I have had two specific enquiries recently, that litterally have my mind salivating with EXCITEMENT.  Full castration balls and penis 
Judgement hanging … imagine these for a moment … 

You arrive for your medical appointment, Mistress Lagertha does her final information checks, to be sure you’re about to have the right procedure.  “Here is your medical gown, you need to strip off, put your clothes in the box and put this on so the gap is at the back.  When done pop yourself up on the couch and let me know you are ready.” 
You scramble to change, folding your clothes and placing them in the box under the couch.  Your heart is pounding with excitement and the anticipation, of your full castration procedure.  
A mask is put over your face.  “This procedure will be done under local anathestic, take a few deap beaths for me now”, doing so make you feel light headed and spacey.  “Clamps please” you see the assistant hand over the first set, then you feel a tight pinching at the left side of your groin.  The next pair are passed over, followed by more tight pinching this time on the right side.  “Attach electrodes to the patient”, you start to inwardly panic, your inner dialog asking is this going to be clean and neatly done?  “Have you got the settings right?  Good.  Scalple then please.”
That dreaded word has just been uttered by Mistress, clearly there is no going back now, you are commited to loosing your manhood in it entierety.  And Mistress Lagertha looks extreamly happy about it.  
“Take a few more deep breaths for me, there’s a good boy”. Spacey again you feel the blade sharp on your skin, something wet running between your legs.  “Kidney dish at the ready, now!” You hear something land inside the metal dish, “And again, now!” Another dull clang into metal.  You catch a glimps of Mistresses blood soaked gloves.   
“Done, staple suture kit now please, as I work you can remove the clamps”.  Both are busy eyes focused between your legs.  “Hold that please, good.  Nearly there”, “how are you feeling? We have nearly completed the procedure for you.” 
Both stand back, it is clear they are admiring their handy work.  “That looks really good, Mistress Lagertha.  A very neat vagina I must say, once healed it will be lovely.” 
The assistant hands you a mirror “have a look for yourself”.  You brave it and upon looking you can see a very neatly stapled pussy and the reminants of the blood below your bum.  “You can already finger your new pussy if you are careful, I will put some lube in for you, have a try”.  It feels tight yet amazing.  You are encoraged to stand and walk about, everything feels so different. 
… BUT WAS IT REAL?!  To find out you need to book the session.  

You are lead into the judgement chamber and stood infront of Mistress Lagertha, your judge and executioner for today.  
“You stand before me charged with pantie sniffing, your room mates panties no less, how do you plead?”  You can only plead ‘guilty’, you were caught red handed, so there is no denying it!  You mouth opens and utters “I plead guilty Mistress, I’m so ashamed …” 
“SILANCE, it is too late justification and excuses now, young man.”  Mistress’ face has a pensive look about it, before she continues.  “I have mulled it over, and my ruling is, you are to be hung at the gallows gagging on a pair of the aforementioned panties!”  
Mistress marches up to you, bends to drop her own pair of panies she was wearing.  They are stuffed in to your mouth, then held in place with tape over your mouth.  You are told to remove your shoes and socks.  A black silk hood is placed over your head and your wrists get bound behind your back with rope.   
You are lead across the room, the cold cobles hurting your feet as you move.  You step on to a wooden trap door, which feels warm after the cold cobles, but you are wobbly on it.  
The rope noose is placed over your head, you feel it being pulled up high above you, it just starts to catch at your neck when the trap door opens.  
… BUT WAS IT REAL?! to find out you will need to book the session.