Q1 – What first triggered your interest in the BDSM scene? 

It was a bit of a two pronged approach.  I discovered I liked humiliating people in positions of power and  responsibility, after a guy told me he enjoyed my doing it that to him. Then a friend who thought I was already aware and a part of the kink scene, discovered that wasn’t the case, so introduced me to it. 

Q2 – How did you come to select your Mistress name? 

When I first started out on the road to offer Pro Domme services.  I had a different name, based on one of my  favourite strong female characters from a film. But due to things going on in my life at the time, I had to slow my pace down. In the time spent on the shelf, someone else took my original name. There was no point being bitter or vile about it so I grabbed the chance to reinvent my self in name. Spent a good month or so trying to pin down what felt right, then one day it hit me. That strong woman of history was an even better name choice, than my first one ever was. Not to mention incredibly fitting, given the research I did on the real Lagertha – I think we would have been great mates.  

Q3 – How did you receive professional training? 

I have spent a good 6 yrs learning on the lifestyle side of things before becoming a Pro Domme. Which has seen lots of reading, lots of workshops, a multitude of questions to many fine established people.

I look at any education in any form, as a continued thing – we never stop learning.

Q4 – Do you have a favourite form of play? 

Some of the more extreme things, within the realms of consent. But ultimately if the individual on the receiving end is responsive and enjoying it, I love it.

Q5 – Are the chambers you use fully equipped? 

As I use more than one yes they are, and I have my own ever growing collecting of implements and starting to add bits of equipment too. Especially that which can be carried, at least for now hehehe.

Q6 – Do you have a wide range of outfits? 

I’m not a cookie cutter stereo type, I am a genuine dominant woman every day of my life. That said I have a healthy selection of outfits, which are not just for session time like I say – I am me.

I don’t have any latex because I’m allergic to it, sadly. But I do love leather and fur (fake or real) and I adore my made to measure corsets. 

Q7 – Would you say that you are naturally a dominant person? 

Very much so, so much so it has caused me a few issues in life, because I won’t back down. And has in the past lead me to become part of physical fights – not of my choosing mind, but I wasn’t going to just take it.

Q8 – Do you feel empowered whilst dealing with a slave? 

Yes I suppose I do, because I feel elevated and respected. But it is a two way street, so long as a person wants to offer submission, I will feed my need for it.

Q9 – How do you feel when a slave is worshipping you? 

Honoured and desired – I have something you need.

Q10 – Do you have any tips for slaves about approaching you? 

Don’t be rude, don’t take the piss, don’t be tardy.

Do your research, see if my website tells you what you need to know, be polite and courteous and if you want extra credit buy me a present – gifts seriously make me happy like a kid on a snow day.