After ages umming and arhring about whether or not it was or wasn’t a good idea, Ted finally bit the bullet and scoured the internet in search of a Dominant female who would indulge him.  You see Ted has been harbouring secrete urges for a long time – items and situations that hold a sexual turn on for him.  High heeled shoes on women, who could be wearing stockings and suspenders, the idea of being restrained while a Dominant woman subjects him to her administration of both pleasure and pain.  

Now that Ted is 35, he feels that it is about time to get some excitement in his life, to escape the mundane day to day of being a sales manager in Cardiff.  So one evening Ted searches the internet, in the hopes of finding someone who would be suitable.  Only to strike it lucky with a woman who goes by the name of Mistress Lagertha, she is located slightly north east of South Wales in the West Midlands and seems quite intriguing.  After talking to Mistress Lagertha online, Ted decides that booking a visit with her would be a good place to start.  

A few days pass between that night and when Ted has booked to see Mistress Lagertha.  All sorts of things whirl round Ted’s head about what to expect, was it a good idea?  What will she do to me? Will I like it? Or will it hurt and I hate it?  What does she really look like, are her pictures really her?  

Finally the morning of the big day dawns, Ted is going to drive to Birmingham to see Mistress Lagertha.  Leaving Cardiff a wreck of nerves he heads south over river toll bridge to head north on the M5 motorway, stopping Frankley services to cope with nervous need to pee and address the clamminess he starting to feel knowing he is getting close.  Back on the M5 again heading to the M6, to leave at junction 6 and follow the ‘A’ roads into Birmingham city centre arriving at his destination.  Feeling anxious and nervous all over again, Ted parks his car and heads to the front door, where he stops wipes his clammy hands and rings the door bell.  

It’s too late to go back now!  

Ted spies a figure moving towards the door through the frosted glass, his heart races and he gulps as the door begins to open.  And there stands the woman who is about to change the meaning and experiences of his life – Mistress Lagertha in the flesh.  She is a tall young looking woman, doesn’t seem as big as she would have you believe all her curves in good places hips and wow the boobs!  She is dressed in a very pleasing way, the first thing I spot as she leads me up the stairs are the HIGH spike heeled shoes she has on followed by what looks to be traditional seam backed stockings with black contrasting seams and heel points.  As I look higher up I notice she is wearing a corset with her skirt and top.  

We have arrived in what she calls ‘the play room’ which is at the top of the house and opens out in to a single from the stairs.  I barely took in the conversation as we had climbed up through the house, now I began to feel a little intimidated by the view of the room before me and Mistress Lagertha’s disarming smile.  She indicates for me to sit while she finds something she wants me to read and sign …. I think to myself “What the hell am I doing here?!” before I even have chance to think of rational answers she is back with paper and pen in hand.  

“I need you to read through this and sign to say that you agree” she says as I am handed the paper.  I look it over, it seems to be a terms and conditions, a contract of sorts asking for details of what type of treatment I am happy to receive at her hands, in the most part repeats what we had already discussed online when I booked to see her along with a few other conditions such as confidentiality for both people (myself and her) and some basic medical questions – Why these I don’t know so I ask.  Mistress Lagertha replies “I need to know if you have any conditions with your general health, which maybe be affected by anything that will happen to you during your time with me and if there are any then I can adapt to suit etc”.  Seems fair enough I think, and I continue to read.  Once at the end, I fill out that which is asked of me and sign.  “Thank you” she says as she takes the paper and pen from me, “Now I’d like you to remove your all but your underwear and DON’T leave your clothes in a messy pile.”  

I spot an excited glint in Mistresses eyes as she turns to face me again.  I suddenly take full stock of the room I am in and what I have just done, I gulp, as I look around.  There is what looks like an ‘A’ frame unit with lots of bolt holes, hooks and attachments together with a strange harness contraption hanging from the centre.  I am sat on a low bed size padded table, there is a shelf unit filled with all sorts of ‘things’ none of which seem overly appealing.  As Mistress moved to what can only be described as a kind of torture bench, I spot an odd low chair contraption in the corner of the room with what looks like restraint points on it.  “What the hell is going to happen to me?” I think to myself.  

Mistress finally speaks again after what seemed like an agonisingly long time, “I want you to sit yourself on that chair there” as she points from the chair to the middle of the room.  I look at her a little puzzled “DO NOT make me think that you are STUPID little boy now, you are a manager are you not!?”, “Yes I am” I say to which I get reprimanded “Yes MISTRESS! Now manage that chair to that spot in the room and sit yourself on it NOW!” I do as I am told, then sit on the chair.  In order to sit comfortably, I have to sit with my legs open wide and this makes me feel very self conscious.  

Mistress advances on me after picking something up; in her hand she is holding what looks like coloured rope.  “Now I am going to tie you to this chair to ensure you behave”, she begins with my hands binding them to my waist.  It is firm but doesn’t pinch; I can twist my hands but cannot remove them.  Then Mistress binds my legs to the legs of the chair, I have a fantastic view from where I’m now positioned and can see why she started with my hands, she notices the movement under my boxers “You will need to learn to control that” I’m told, “Yes Mistress” I reply getting it right this time.  

Mistress moves away from me, and to my surprise she removes her skirt to reveal her stocking clad legs which are so much longer than I anticipated.  She is wearing some sort of ruffled pants that are semi sheer, which excites me more the combination of long legs in stockings very high heels and nearly seeing through the ruffled underwear.  What started off as a mere fidget in my boxers was now becoming very noticeable, Mistress has noticed as well!  She approaches me with something in her hand but I cannot see what it is, she walks behind the chair and next you know I’ve been blindfolded.  

“Now I have you where I control you” she says, “I want to know everything about this kinky lifestyle that you are interested in want to experience and know more about, you are not allowed to be bashful you MUST tell me everything, I am your Mistress and therefore I need to know”.  I really don’t want to I feel silly owning up to things as she may laugh at me “So far you only gave me enough information for this one visit, so therefore I need more.  No need to be shy, we are the only ones in the room and I have blindfolded you to aid your confession with no added need to feel self conscious.  As your Mistress you must be able to tell me anything about your desires”.  I begin to spill my thoughts on the matter, answering questions as she asks them of me and taking the odd taunght as they are directed at me.  I begin to feel so much lighter, having finally shared this information with someone else.  

The conversation has stopped and the room stills all I can hear is her movement around the room, as I am still blindfolded.  My senses feel heightened as I feel something running over my body, then a light but attention grabbing tap to my penis in my boxers – I’d forgotten I was all exposed, the chat had lulled me into a place of comfort and enjoyment.  “That was for not being able to control yourself earlier, each time you fail the impact will get harder” I hear her whisper into my ear.  “each time you visit me, on entering this room you will remove your clothes leaving your boxers on unless I direct you otherwise and then await my further instruction, is that clear?” Mistress waits for my reply “Yes that is clear Mistress.” “Good!”

It feels like Mistress has started to untie me, as the ropes slacken and I feel a thrilling tingle as they pull across my skin.  Suddenly I’m blinded by the light of the room as my blindfold is removed, it is so bright and yet it didn’t seem to be earlier.  “I want you to lie face down on the floor over there” Mistress tells me and points to the centre of the huge wooden fame that dominates the room.  I do as I am told wondering about what is coming next.  What look like leather shackles that are soft to the touch are buckled on to my wrists and ankles then attached to the frame I am lying under.  

Mistress walks to me and stops right in front of my face, I could lick her shoes if I stuck my tongue out.  The high red material stiletto spike heels finished with a black silk bow and scuff marks form wear, well worn soles with rough edges sticking out.  The shoes themselves are shinny patent material with I think a wolf face on them, open toe and the peek of her skin showing above the exposed platform wedge.  Mistress’s pale feet swell slightly and a few veins become prominent under the pressure of the shoes as her feet arch as they would if she was stood barefoot on her tip toes.  

The silence that had fell while I had been taking in the details of Mistresses shoes and feet, got interrupted by her voice “get to work then and DON’T spoil the fabric heels!”  I am stunned for a moment, is she really telling me I can actually lick her shoes? 


I tentatively stick out my tongue towards the nearest shoe, my heart pounding with excitement – I think to myself “if only she knew just how long I’ve been waiting for this sort of an experience”.  Frustrating is an understatement!  Not only am I actually allowed to lick maybe even kiss these amazing shoes in front of me, but it is all too clear Mistress Lagertha is taunting me, as my tongue is mere millimetres away and I cannot reach!  “If this is what you really want, YOU will find a way” Mistress points out.  What is there to do?  I’m shackled what is there I can do, hold on is there any slack? … I fidget raising my body using my toes and elbows while my movement resembles that of a crab, trying to edge my body forward in order to make my tongue reach a shoe.  

It worked, my tongue made contact with the nearest shoe I breathe deeply though my nose and get a faint new shoe smell.  The mingle of manufacturing smells, glues rubbers and the patent plastic fabric.  I can I think also smell alcohol and burnt cigarettes; perhaps mistress has worn these shoes while out clubbing.  I raise my head slightly; in hope I can plant a tender kiss on mistresses’ foot and manage to, the silk stockings I feel against my lips are so soft.  Next you know my nose is being pushed up with the toe of the platform wedge and I hear her say “Did I say you could kiss my foot and skin!? For that you will be punished, once you are untied.   Mistress steps away from my reach, sits on a chair in front of me, wiggles her right foot in her shoe so that it drops and hangs from only her toes “you, are to kneel on that bench, once I have untied you” I’m told as she points to the strange padded double layer table in the corner of the room behind her.  “I may give you a choice” mistress says, “In what implement you will be punished with.” “Yes Mistress” I reply, as the different items for my impending pain are laid out for me to see – there is a choice of a large rectangular paddle, a clothes brush, a flogger, a large cane, two small canes, some tiny pink magnetised ball bearings, an elastic cord attached to a wooden handle and a rubber strap.  I tentatively make my choice hoping that Mistress will really go with my choice, all the time wondering what is going to happen next, it is clear after earlier that punishments hurt.  

Mistress begins to untie the rope net she tied me down with, dragging the rope across me as she does so.  As the rope loosens from against my body I notice that my skin starts to tingle with excitement, but Mistress stops when she gets to my feet leaving them still tied.  As I am still partly tied I cannot move to get up, Mistress forces me to watch her from my position on the floor.  She wiggles her left foot out of her shoe again until it hangs off her toes, swinging the shoe about until it falls off her foot.  Then she unclips the top of her left stocking, one clasp at a time until all four flap at the top of her leg.  Then Mistress begins to remove her left stocking, gently easing it down her long leg one bit at a time; being so careful not to catch or ladder it.  Once the stocking is off Mistress places her foot back into her shoe, against her naked flesh.  Moving over to me again she says “put your hands behind your back”, I do as I am instructed to find that my hands get tied together using the very stocking that has just been removed from her leg.  It is warm soft and smooth against my skin.  

Mistress returns to untying the remainder of the rope from my feet and tells me to stand; I do so struggling to balance as my hands are tied. Mistress makes a rapid tug at my boxers then tells me to step out of them; I’m then told to position myself on the bench, my knees on the lower arms and my torso flat on the top of the bench.  I do as I am told, while my boxers stay where they dropped.  As I position myself on the bench, I realise there is a hole in the wood side that my thighs lean against, and that my balls and cock fall straight though.  Realisation hits “there is NO protection” I think to myself as my manhood hangs though exposed and naked to HER will.  

“This time you will receive a total of six hits to each area I deem suitable, you will count allowed each one as I do them and at the end of each area you WILL thank me.”  First I get six blows to my right buttock and count “ONE…Two…” eventually the last one hits and the cheek of my bottom starts to smart.  “SIX!  Thank you mistress”, next I get six more to my left buttock and it is as if this side is more painful.  “Five…SIX! thank you mistress” I say as I feel the warmth rise in the skin of my bottom.  It seems Mistress has changed her weapon of choice.  Then what I dreaded, I get six to my not so flaccid cock with the new implement.  This time there were no pulled punches it seemed each one hurting more than the one before, as Mistress’ strikes are firmer and harder hitting.  Now I know why that hole is where it is in the bench I am on, “SIX!!” I manage in a tortured voice before thanking Mistress again.  

“Let us see how well your training is working shall we”, Mistress says as she unties the stocking from my wrists and begins re attaching the two leather cuffs around my wrists again, locking them together behind my back.  “I want you to sit cross legged on the floor in front of me facing the stairs”, I get told by Mistress “yes Mistress” I reply, then do as I have been instructed.  Mistress moves a chair over and sits on it facing my right side; she then raises her right leg and extends it in front of my face pointing her foot as she does so.  I can see the fine weave of her silk stockings, the light bouncing off them causing a sheen.  Mistress moves her leg closer to my face, contact is made against my nose and she turns her leg out relaxing her hip.  Now I can see the black stitching of the seams in perfect detail, each and every stitch in a ladder pattern down to the pointed heel detail as Mistress brings her foot past.  Then the patent fabric of her shoe rubs my nose, before her foot goes down to the floor.  

I have not done a very good job at controlling my body as my cock kept getting firmer, not completely at least this time but I doubt Mistress will show any leniency.  As predicted Mistress leans forward, to look down and observe my lack of control.  “Arh! I see that we STILL have a problem with your self control AND you have made a MESS!” What! I don’t recall cuming, I look down and to my horror I have dribbled pre cum.  “Well you can clean THAT up now!” Mistress demands.   I look back at her with a puzzled expression, am I really expected to clean up with my hands still tied – how?  I cannot contort my body, what am I expected to do?  My thoughts are interrupted by Mistresses voice “bend down and lick it up with your tongue! I am NOT cleaning up your mess for you”.  

Shocked but not wanting any further painful punishment I do as I’m told, eww!  I cannot believe I have come this far in my life, only to forced by this dominant woman to taste my own bodily fluids and in front of her all because I cannot control my bodies reaction.  It is SO humiliating.  I lick up the mess the whole experience making me feel like some sort of pet or animal as I do so.  The whole ordeal made worse by the fact my hands are still tied, which makes my nose press into the floor.  Once done Mistress unties my hands, “you will lie back on the floor, keeping your legs apart” Mistress instructs.  I lie my body back feeling the prickle of the carpet against my skin, I am not at all restrained I realise – I wonder why? 

Mistress looms up over me, standing with one foot between my legs.  OH NO what is she going to do now?  I feel myself begin to sweat and a slight tremble in my body, I really hope I’m not going to be toe poked in the groin.  Mistress lifts her foot, as I try to shrink into the floor, “this is for making a mess, a lesson I doubt you will forget quickly”.  I feel a sharp but concentrated pressure on my groin, as I look at what Mistress is doing I see that she has her foot over my cock with the high pointed heel digging into my balls.  Mistress applies more pressure with her foot, as I fight the need to ball up in pain.  I cry out as it becomes too much and my eyes begin to water, Mistress Lagertha removes her foot giving me a new order as she does.  “You are NOT allowed to curl up you are only allowed to stand on all fours – hands and knees on the floor, you are to crawl to your clothes and redress not leaving the floor or standing.”  

I get myself on all fours and pause a moment; as soon as I do my bottom gets smacked so I carry out my instructions.  Wincing with every movement I make and each time I’m too slow my bottom gets swatted again, each time stinging after the battering it took earlier.  I dress myself as I sit on the floor crossed legged feeling like a naughty school child, I had forgotten how hard it is to dress and stay on the floor.  The whole time being glared at and getting tuts of disapproval, if my movements take me too far from the floor.  Once done I remain on the floor looking to Mistress for further instruction, only to get “this room doesn’t tidy itself”.  By that, I take the queue that this too is my job.  I tentatively ask “how would you like me to tidy up Mistress?” In response I’m told to clean the spanking bench with surface cleaner and group the implements used or ‘toys’ as Mistress calls them together on the black bed, where Mistress will demonstrate how they are to be cleaned by me in future.  

Once the room and the toys are cleaned, Mistress lays out the contents of her toy bag then asks, “is there anything here you are against the idea of or interested to try next time?”