Having spent all year pleasing others one way or another and, now that all gift shopping and festive season is done, it is time to invest in myself. 
So I have booked to see the lovely Lagertha for some stress relief. 

I’m booked in to see her in Birmingham for a change. I make my way there, surprised to discover the venues location is in the middle of a residential housing estate. Private enough though with its own gated car park. 

Walking in through the double doors, I am greeted by the house staff who sign me in and show me through to the changing room, on the left as you enter the rest of the building. I can hear my Mistresses voice distantly in the building laughing with someone, as I stand there changing. Lagertha has appeared in the doorway, a vision as always to the sensory pleasures. Dressed in the most amazing outfit I’ve ever seen her in: a purple vest top with a soft black leather under bust corset, a short black leather skirt – that I notice when she turns around has a portion of the back cut out exposing her derrière, which is clad in purple ruffle knickers that if you look closely enough are entirely see through. The whole outfit is finished off with a pair of knee high black leather boots, the heels are 4 inches high with no platform on the sole.  Making mistresses feet arch into a near total point, the tops of the boots are turned up over her knees and laced up at the back with a leather thong to keep them in place. 

Once I have finished changing, I’m told to kneel before mistress as she puts her coller around my neck. Telling me “you are now worthy of wearing my temporary coller, until you can prove to me that you have earned your servitude to me. When you will wear your coller of ownership full time, that means 24/7 365!”  Making sure the D ring of my training coller was at the front as well as central to my neck, Mistress Lagertha the attached her lead to me. “Unless I order you otherwise, you will remain on all fours as you move through this building. While waiting you will stay in the knelt  position your are in now.  Follow me”.  

I was lead by my Mistress from the changing room, through the rest of the converted warehouse. As I crawled, I noticed the building was far bigger than it first looked.  With lots of side rooms off multiple corridors, that all surrounded a central room which houses comfy seating sofas and chairs. From what I see through the glass panelled doors, it resembled a living room without the tv or family touches. The building was mostly empty other people, except for the staff and ourselves. Including the lounge room I must have been lead at a crawl, past 6 different rooms along the route of our chosen corridor and this was the shorter of the two!  Not all rooms had clear glass panels in the doors, at lest two had curtains hung over the glass so you could not see in. 

After what seemed like forever crawling and rapidly growing discomfort being caused to my knees, I was lead into a room behind the large living room.  In fact the only room with solid wooden doors at each of the three exits it had. The room was very large, half of the floor carpeted and half, my knees quickly realised was vinyl flooring; as I caught them on the metallic strip between the different surfaces.  Causing me to let out an uncontrolled yelp with the pain, which was followed by a swat across my bottom, in punishment for making noise without permission; from the leather hand loop of the lead attached to my collar. 

At one end of the vast room – the vinyl flooring end, a shower curtain had been laid out flat on the floor. Near by a tray containing an assortment of wax and wax candles, along with two lighters and a large box. Near us in the middle of the room was a spanking bench and in the large recessed corner behind us, is a four poster mechanism; lots of winches buckles and leather straps attached to it.  It looked like some form of suspension device.  My mind raced with images in my head of what Mistress Lagertha would do to me in this very room. Quickly I had to regain control of my thoughts, as I was getting sucked in by them and so carried away I was loosing control of cocks reactions to my thoughts. Not wanting Mistress to find me fully hard and over excited, I quickly switched to the old faithful thoughts to switch it off. 

Having been stationery too long in my distracted thoughts, the lead attached to my collar was given a hard yank.  Having the desired effect of startling me into action again.  To my horror I am lead to the suspension frame, then ordered to stand in front of the frames restraints with my face towards the large leather harness plate.  I am then strapped to it by my wrists and ankles, pulling my naked body tight against the  long wide leather – now I think about it more, it maybe a sling or hammock almost. The automatic winch system is operated, slowly dropping me down head first until I’m in a strange forward full body lean position. Then my lower body is raised until I am horizontal and staring at the floor. 

“Let’s get that body of yours warmed up then”, Mistress Lagertha mutters as her leather gloved hand caresses my behind. Then followed by a deliberate but well aimed smack, first to one cheek then the other.  Followed by a torrent of ever increasing blows that build with speed intensity and force, until both cheeks are receiving leather gloved hand spanking almost simultaneously. I feel my skin redden and grow warmer in her hands, so much so my sensitivity level starts to spike. Every slap is pleasure followed by touturose caresses, now every nerve ending tingling in response to the soft and supple leather of her gloves. Her actions pause followed by a change in the type of contact being made to my ass. It feels like the same gloves, now removed from Mistresses hands are being whipped across my rump. 

Movement in the winches starts up again, adjusting my immobilised body to suit the whim of my Mistress. My legs get splayed as my entire body is slightly lowered, but my positioning feels like I’m at a slight angle. My rear is now lower than my head. I feel a small cold thing no bigger than what feels like a pencil, enter my rectum, followed by a burst of cool liquid.  The amount of liquid increases, as realise I am being syringe lubricated in preparation for anal invasion from Mistress. The syringe is drawn out allowing a small amount to dribble onto my sphincter, which is quickly rubbed around the entrance in a smooth circular motion. As my anus is lubricated Mistress Lagertha stands in front of my face, as she finishes buckling the harness of her strap on into place around herself. Then closing in on my face, I guess she wants me to lubricate her cock with my mouth.  I can just reach if I arch forward. Taking the silicone penis in my mouth, eager to please and ready Mistress to fuck me up the ass. “Good boy” I’m told. 

My body strains against the leather harnessed sling that I lie in, as I feel my body want to convulse, from the rectal pleasure I have now started to receive. Deep filling thrusts, making me full and expanded with the total pressure applied to, all, sensory muscles. My body wants to explode but I don’t want the fucking to stop, I know it will, if I lose control of my body. No second chances if I shoot my load now.  I feel finishing thrust deep deep into me, coolness of the metal ring on the harness kisses against my skin. Then a fast withdrawal that again almost makes me cum. I feel a fresh toy enter me, it’s shape different – smoother, tapered and cool. “Clamp down on it Sam, we don’t want it falling out now do we!” Mistress Lagertha instructs, obediently I flex and contract my sphincter muscles, pulling them inward as tight as I can to close around the toy. My forced gripping action soon becomes a muscle memory action again, and I no longer have to concentrate. 

The winches of the frame have me moving again, as I level out but still horizontal. “I see your ass has relaxed around the butt plug now, time for the next change then. I’ll enjoy this one later” I’m told in a smiling voice. The butt plug is slowly removed this time which came as a relief, after expecting another near explosion, as it was ripped from me, but no, control was easily maintained. A new near orgasmic agony came when the replacement was inserted – oh so slowly, one small ball at a time. After each ball was inserted, it was removed again swiftly and then replaced, before the sensation stated again with the next ball. The experience was driving me nuts, until finally all of them were inside me. 

Next the sling which held me, brought me back to an upright position via the electric winch system.  I was then slowly removed from the restraints of the sling, with each leather strap being dragged over my skin deliberately as they were unbuckled. I was also whipped with none buckle ends of each one, at my wrists and ankles. I was however told to hold onto the top of the sling as I released, “I don’t want your spacey state, making you collapse just yet” Mistress told me in a softer tone than her usual one. 
She was right, had I not held on I would have collapsed, as I felt like jelly. I’d forgotten how overwhelming heightened sensations and experiences of pleasure, sent me into sub space.  While I wasn’t quite a blubbering wreck of post pleasure, my body sure was getting close. 

Mistress took my hands, to help steady me and asked, “are you able to crawl?”  I nodded my head and as I started to lower my body to the ground, Mistress kept a hold of me in a very motherly way, ensuring I got there safely. Once on the ground she let go of me, reaching for her lead again, attaching it with a snap sound. Slowly I was lead across the room to the area with the shower curtain on the floor, and instructed to lie across it on my back. The stark contrast of the hard cold floor from the soft warm leather sling, was a slight shock to my naked body. 

Mistress placed a box over my head, that I was to put my head into from the side. The sides were a frosted plastic but the top was black, when mistress lifted the lid I realised it was a toilet seat attached to the box.  “Now open wide ready to drink”, I was told along with the fact that I was not allowed to choke either as I would be receiving dual treatments. I heard a lighter being struck, followed by the faint smell of burning. Was Mistress planning to pour wax on me at the same time  as pissing on my head, forcing me to drink urine?
How right was I!  Indeed mistress had lit a candle, then hoisting her leather skirt to reveal the full frilliness of her purple knickers and the lacy tops to stocking I had not noticed earlier. The stockings were held up  with a black suspender belt, that I saw more of as Mistress pulled her purple knickers down in readiness to pee on me. 

Lagertha sat on the toilet seat box, then reached over to her right. Causing her body to tilt slightly off the seat, she was soon sat squarely back on the toilet seat.  And the smell of burning now much closer, I guess she had just picked up the candle that was lit earlier. I force myself to try and stop pre guessing what is coming next, instead focusing my attention on the fact I am about to receive a cleansing face wash. Lying there with my head in the box, I had a clear un obstructed view thanks to the slightly frosted side panels.  Mistresses flesh bulged at the rim of the toilet seat, but as she had sat with her feet either side of my shoulders, her pussy wasn’t all squished between her thighs. Her pussy is cleanly shaved which again increases my view. The labia lips stretched flat from her leg position, but soft curves inwards as they meet together. Tension in the skin separating them, just enough for sight of the inner lips and the clit peeping out of its hood. 

I felt a hot droplet of wax land on my left nipple with a splat, just as I saw Mistresses urethra open up and my torrent of golden liquid began. Warm, it started as I strong direct stream on the diagonal from Mistresses body towards the top of my face, presumably because she was sat leaning forwards; still dropping hot wax at my nipples and chest. Feeling pleasure and pain from the experience I was now enduring and occasionally chocking on the piss, fast flowing into my mouth – Mistress gives me yet another order. “Sam, you are to wank fast and hard until you cum starting now. Regardless of what I do to you!”  So I began by taking hold off my cock with a slow stroke down and up again, to find a comfortable position. The piss stream was now starting to slow, and dribbling across Mistresses exposed pussy finally dripping down onto my neck and chin. Lagertha raised herself off the toilet seat slightly, giving a small wiggle to shake off any remaining wee. Patting herself dry with a small amount of paper then dropping it onto my face. 

Mistress Lagertha, having now stood up. Is still dripping wax onto my body, moving it along my torso and, on to my cock and balls as I wank furiously for her entertainment. I feel her part my legs with her feet, then reach by my ass. The wax drops getting hotter now, as they are falling from a shorter height. Taking hold of the anal beads still inserted into my rectum, Mistress starts to wiggle them. Occasionally pulling them out one or two at a time then back inserting them again. Sensory overload begins – the lingering smell of piss on my face and the presence of the used tissue, hot wax being dribbled all over my torso including my genitals, together with an anal bead ass fucking forcing my body to teeter on the very edge. As more and more beads are removed and shoved back in me at an ever increasing pace, my body starting to tense and shudder. Mistress nails the final stroke of my hand as she rips the beads from my ass as I scream out, shooting my full lot with projectile force. 

Lying there on the cold hard floor a blubbering wreck, feeling pleasured within an inch of my life. Fully emerged in the sensation of sub space and enjoying every moment of its release. A jelly like me was helped up from the floor assisted and guided to walk through the door behind me, which lead into chill out space that looked like a living room. Seated down on the sofa, I was wrapped in a warm blanket and handed some squares of chocolate to eat.  As I ate, the sweetness raised my alertness and steadied my body slightly from its experience. Curling up on the sofa to recover slowly in a daydream, lastly handed a warm sugary drink before full recovery set in and I was with it enough to clean up and redress ready to leave.