Alexander’s Aunty Lagertha, an aunt by marrage, was a solitary soul, her Husband had died relatively young leaving her a childless widow.  It was not the done thing, when she was brought up to jump into another relationship/marriage as has become the more modern way today.  So in living a single widowed life, Lagertha never did get to have the children she desperately wanted.  Instead settling to care for her sisters children instead, to help them both out.  Anne, Alexander’s cousin who was younger would spend more time with Lagertha over school holidays and weekends.  But as she reached pubity, began to loose interest with staying at her aunts. 

Alexander’s parents needed him met from a residential trip when he returned, as they had made the most of their teenager free week and had taken a short holiday abroad.  Their flight home had need delayed, so they knew that return in time to meet and collect Alexander was no long possible. Lagertha was happy to collect him and offered to have him stay overnight, so they wouldn’t have to rush once they landed. 

Alex as he preferred to be called, had a full on strop when he was met. Turned out that on returning from his residential camp, all personal baggage had been sent on different transport. And all he had clothing wise, was what he stood up in until he got home or collected his baggage after the weekend. He also had his rucksack, but hadn’t thought to put any items of clothing in it when he had packed. 

Despite Alex being 19 he still behaved mentally younger, which is common with male teenagers. Lagertha was going to her work cut out, Alex had been a lot younger when he had last stayed over. So none of his old clothes would fit him, as it was still winter it was unlikely that hand washing his clothes would have them dry by morning. All she had that might fit him, was some of Anne’s clothes. Lagertha opted to broach that subject once they were back at her house, to save having yet another public teenage scene. 

Aunt Lagertha ran me a bath when we got back to hers, as I was ’grubby round the edges, still from camp’ she told me. While I was in the bath she took my clothes to wash them for tomorrow, telling me she would find me something to wear for the rest of the late afternoon until time for bed. When I got out of the bath, I was horrified by what clothing had been found out for me.  Everything was girls clothes!  I white girls open neck buttoned blouse, which had a pattern of flower petals cut out.  It looked like lots of tiny daisies made out of these holes.  There was also what looked to be a knee length skirt, which had an elasticated waist and was quite filly looking with three layers of a small floral print fabric in blues; each layer shorter than the one it overlapped. To top this outrageous outfit off, were a pair of white frilly ankle socks that had satin ruffles on the turn downs, a pair of my aunties burgundy fluffy slippers a pair of girls knickers!  The knickers were full cut white cotton briefs with a printed design of yellow daisies, all over them.  

I shouted my protest from the bathroom only to get the reply, ‘well you need something to wear, you have grown out of all clothes that are yours I have here and those items of Anne’s look like they will fit you. It’s not like you will be leaving the house, so nobody else will see you. Unless of course you would prefer to walk about naked!?’ Begrudgingly I saw her point, if I remembered her habits well my own clothes would already be ringing wet, and Lagertha would be washing them in the sink while I bathed. It was of course way to cold to stay naked, much though I would have preferred to.  So I gave in, stopped protesting and dressed myself in Anne’s clothes. 

I started with the daisy knickers, which once on we’re quite a snug fit not unlike wearing y fronts but without all the seams to rub on my tackle. I concluded I could cope with wearing them. Next I put on the white socks, as my feet were starting to feel the cold.  I pulled them on and instead of turning them down, I tried to hide the frills by pulling them up and stuck my feet in the slippers.  I then opted to wear the blouse, noticing as I did the buttons up that they are on the opposite side to guys shirts, which made it frustrating and fiddly to do up.  I walked across the room and looked at the skirt, turning to the full length mirror on the back of the door to look at myself. Wounding if I can get away without wearing the skirt, but to look at myself in daisy patterned blouse and pants with white ankle socks that won’t stay up. I realise I best just wear the skirt and turn the socks over properly, thank god nobody else except Lagertha will see me dressed like this. 

After pulling the skirt on and cursing the fact that I was having to dress as a girl in cousin Anne’s clothes, I realised that despite my appearance I was actually quite comfortable in the clothes.  

Later that evening while eating our evening meal, Lagertha tells me that I quite suit girls clothes. Blushing slightly I confess that I find them a lot more comfortable than my own, as I don’t feel tightly confined by them. Lagertha goes on to tell me that she always wanted a daughter of her own, but has found solace in helping to care for Anne and myself. But that Anne having now become quite masculine with her tomboy ways, has left a hole and no young girl to buy pretty clothes for anymore. 

That night as I lay in bed I found myself still wearing Anne’s knickers, finding comfort and pleasure even from there firm hugging sensation. The more I thought about it the more I liked it and the harder my cock became, all from the enjoyment of wearing girls clothes. My cock slid under the cotton of the panties until it was peeping out of the elastic towards my belly. I pulled the covers off to reveal a diamond cutter of a hard on, then running my hand over it and the knickers together. 

By the time Lagertha popped her head around the door, to say goodnight. I was in the midst of a full on wank, all brought about by my wearing of the girls clothes. “Well I see you enjoyed the experience then”, were Lagertha’s first words. “I guess you may want to come back for more of the same treatment in future then, I’m sure I can dream up errands and jobs for you as excuses. Also gives me a reason to keep shopping for girls clothes, doesn’t it my dear Alexis! Well good night”. And with that she was gone and I came like a freight train at the thought of more opportunities. What I did find strange was that I hadn’t lost my hardness, while she was speaking to me. I had covered myself almost in shame, but that shame fuelled my pleasure seeking brain. 

The following morning, I was able to redress in my own clothes as they had finished drying. But when aunt Lagertha brought them to my room, she dropped more subtle hints about wanting to dress me as a girl again. Once we were sat together for breakfast I nervously broached the subject with her again, I was happy to indulge her daughter fantasy if she would indulge my newly discovered sexual cross dressing fantasy.  To my amazement she agreed!

Plans were made along the basis of what Lagertha suggested last night – I would visit to help with chores and errands for the benefit of anyone who asked, but really we were to both get our kicks. “You know Alexander, I always wanted to call my own daughter Alexis.  Would you like that name?” I nodded with a smile and replied, “very much so”.  I felt myself blushing form the embarrassing excitement of it all. 

The car ride back to my parents house was quiet, but the atmosphere between us was electric with anticipation. Mum came out to meet us and thank Lagertha before she left us for work, as she pulled away she called “see you tomorrow Alexander 4pm at mine.” Mum looked at me quizzically demanding an explanation with her eyes. “I said I would help her with moving some heavy pots about in the garden and cut her grass”, I lied, hoping Mum wouldn’t detect the deceit in my voice and manor. I was lucky, all I got was “hm that is sweet of you and it makes a change.”  

3.30pm finally arrived, after a long drawn out day. I caught the bus over to aunt Lagertha’s and upon arriving, I tentatively knocked on her front door. I didn’t have to wait long before she was at the door with a huge beaming grin, “come in, come in” she said excitedly “I’ve been shopping and can’t wait to see you in your new clothes Alexis, no more dressing like a tomboy”. I grinned as I entered the living room, to be confronted by the sofa covered in girls clothes. 

Lagertha stood next to me, eyeing everything on the sofa, as if making a mental outfit in her head. Then began to pick things up and pass them too me. Starting with a pair of deep red ankle socks with a black lacy ruffle, a black lacy bra and matching black lacy briefs, then a packed of skin tone hold up stockings, “you will need these to hide the hair on your legs, unless in future you want to shave your legs.  but still wear the socks to complete the outfit”.  Next a short dress which was of a 60’s styling in a tartan fabric – deep navy blue background colour, crossed through with thick pillar box red forming the square patten and thin cross through of bottle green; the dress had t-shirt cut sleeves and a white blouse like rounded collar with a spit in the front and back centres. From the arm of the sofa I was handed one of the two wigs, she had also purchased.  It was long hair in a naturally looking shades of highlighted blond, cut with long layers and styled with a slight wave but not curly. Finally I was handed a pair of low heeled shoes in a black suede effect, while they still looked high to me they were no where near as high as the sky scraping shoes I’ve seen some girls wear. 

“Now go change Alexis”, Lagertha said with an air of authority while pointing in the direction of the bathroom. 

I do as bid only to discover that the new clothing items and changes of fabric types, make for interesting sensations as I dress. The laciness of the bra and briefs cause the smallest of air circulation around my nipples and balls. I gently pull the soft stockings on, as I know from experience the fabric can rip and ladder if you are too heavy handed, an ex told me off for catching her tights in the throws of passion once. With the stockings both on, my legs look a lot less hairy and the sensation of running my hand over feels amazing. Almost like a good tickle, those light touches that make you want more. I put the ankle socks on over the stockings, which felt strange in itself, but I saw Lagertha’s point; it did look better un hairy.  Last I pulled on the dress, it was shorter on me than I expected, only just covering my ass.  If I wasn’t wearing knickers the tip of my cock would surely peep out below the hem line, meaning that the very tops of my stockings were teasing a partial view until I sat down when almost everything hung out or was showing – I’d have to ask Lagertha about being a bit more lady like in my movements, so it wasn’t an instant eyeful.  I was unsure about the shoes so carried them back with me rather than wearing them. 

Arriving back dressed before Lagertha and on seeing the look on her face, I put the shoes on. Then stood there teetering, trying desperately to not fall over.  The height of the heels despite being low, to my inexperienced feet caused a wobble. Which when I tried walking got worse. “You are walking all wrong, you are not a boy! You are a girl now, you need to walk from your hips and not your knees. This is how girls bums wiggle as they walk – you might also want to try changing your foot placement as you walk.  Try placing your foot from the ball rather than your heel, with practice you will find walking becomes easier”. 

Several menial and mildly demeaning chores later, I was instructed to be sat before Lagertha on a chair. In what I thought was quite a provocative pose, slightly to one side knees together and my legs making a number seven shape, as my ankles touched under the left side of the chair. “Well then Alexis, it is becoming apprentice that you are getting just as much of a sexual kick out of these visits as I am.” I was stunned by what she was saying, was it THAT obvious. And what did she mean by ’as I am’?  Was it that I had missed all signs of her enjoyment, past that of being a pretend daughter for her? 

“But we are related” I weakly protested. “But for what I have in mind that doesn’t matter, young Alexis.” With that Lagertha gave me a look, which in no uncertain terms, lead me to believe my choices were limited – to give up now and forget about everything, or, embrace it.  I went with the latter. 

“I have some tasks for you Alexis, homework if you will. Before your next visit you are to either shave your own legs and arm pits, or visit a beauty salon and get them waxed – and no protesting. It is however up to you how you choose to maintain your bikini area, but maintain it you shall, big wirery bush is not attractive on a young lady”.  I made a mental note of the tasks I had been set. 

In the days that passed between my next visit, I avidly took heed of the tasks set and advice I was given. Initially opting to trim everything down with clippers, it was fine for my bikini and under arms but prickly and catching on my legs.  So I tried wet shaving them, it was so smooth I could feel everything my skin touched as if I had developed new nerve endings.  I did however notice that as my leg hair grew back and quickly at , that, it was causing me some irritation. I figured next time I could try waxing, but needed to come up with some excuse to tell the beauty salon. 

Time for my next visit to see Lagertha, came along faster than I thought it would. This time my underwear was the same lacy black items as before, which was pleasing as I had enjoyed wearing those. The feeling of the stockings against my now hairless legs was a strange but at the same time a really enjoyable sensation, the nylon/lycra fabric clung closer to my skin hugging it almost as I slid them on. Dress wise Lagertha had been literal with the more daring aspect of her choices, a tight Lycra vest cut dress in black. It hardly covered anything, it was that short. My stocking tops showed and if I were to bend over my ass would too. Remembering the telling off I got last time I put on the low heeled court shoes I had been given. Then presented myself to Lagertha. I was so much more nervous this time, as I knew sexual gratifications would be involved but no idea what or how. 

Lagertha set me to a few minimal chores, all involved me bending or standing on the step ladders. Clearly so I was providing a view up my dress, as I worked and she pervingly supervised. Knowing this was happening only turned me on, eventually my now very hard cock becoming very visible through the clingy fabric of my tight dress and under garments. As I came down the ladder the last time, from changing a light bulb and turned. Lagertha got her first eyeful of just how big and solid my dick had become from her orders she had been giving me. 

“Now Alexis, I see you have become a little excited. So something must be done, I suggest that you start by rubbing that big clit of yours so I can watch”. Slightly shyly I ran my hand over my dress clad cock, all this did was make it twitch in response to my contact.  A reaction that could not be hidden. “Now, there’s a good girl, keep going for Aunty now. Somebody needs to teach you how to do it”.  I carried on, rubbing my hand over my dick but not grasping it. Running with the idea I had a clit instead, which only intensified the experiences sensations. The more I got into what I was doing, using mental imagery to pretend I really was a girl, I found myself grinding my crotch against the touch of my hand. Small circular motions thrusting forward slightly to my own touch. 

“Good now I want you to remove your panties Alexis, pull up your dress and continue for me. If you do well I may even teach you fingering”. I nervously tugged my dress up and pulled my knickers off, which made my cock spring free. Thinking for a moment I realised I would still have to satisfy myself, as if I really had a pussy with an oversized clit instead.  A look of puzzlement must have come over my face, because Lagertha replied “no grabbing at it, you need to rub your finger or fingers over the hood until it rolls back, and there will be reviled your clit where all the skin meets”.  Suddenly I realised she was referring to my banjo string. So I did as instructed catching moisture from the tip of my now clit, with my fingers as I slowly rubbed it up and down.  This was a new one for me and I confess the sensation of my actions are electrifying, again I thrust against the pressure of my fingers slowly becoming faster. “I want you to lean over the table Alexis, slightly parting your legs dear. Now you must trust that I won’t hurt you”.  

As I moved to the table, I saw Lagertha lubricate a finger on her right hand. She moved behind me, “ continue your good mastabation skills with your clit, I want you to make yourself come with my help from a fingering”.  Next I felt her spread my checks gently, then slowly that lubricated finger probed me. Small swirling movements, until deep within me. My muscles tightened around her finger “relax and enjoy this” I was told. So trying to I did my best. My fingers moved rapidly over my clit, as her finger slowly moved in and out of me. Quickly I realised that the more relaxed I made myself, the better this all felt. Starting to moan now from the pleasure being had, her finger moved faster and now with a twisting action that forced an organum on me I could not control. My clit getting so much harder and swollen it erupted over the table.