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Booking Your Session

​If you are looking for the types of session I offer, not just my prices - scroll past the photo on my About Me page. 


Booking your in person session with me is easy

  1.  Please read my Etiquette page, if you haven’t done so already, as I can't abide lazy sloppy session applications.  Doing so will mean I'm more likely to respond and you will get your session booked.  
  2. Now that you know how best to approch and speak to me, I will require you to book your session using my Session Application Form, then those who have come across as my type of interest, will be asked to call me for a worthyness interview - this is to check we are compatable. I don't see people back to back, and I value quality of clients over the quantity of clients.  
  3. Once you are successful in gaining an oppotunity to session with me. Your session type, time and date are agreed.  All visiting me will need to pay your deposit, otherwise I wont be there on the day –  a deposit is required to ensure I’m not out of pocket, should the unexpected happen.  See details in the Fees section (step 2a) below.    
  4. Once the deposit is received I will confirm receipt, give you the full address of your chosen venue – if you’re new to visiting me or trying a different venue.  I will ask you to discuss the fine detail of your session, kinks you like any fanasty you may have or goals you would like to achive.  
  5. I require a contact number for yourself and your name, if I don’t already have them for you.  I will NOT use it unless I need to in an emegency or you have given conset for me to contact you.   I certainly won’t make the nature of my call or texts obvious, only ever signing off as Lagertha.   
  6. On the day of your session, you MUST call or text me no later than 1hr before your session, to confirm you are on your way.  You must arrive in good time, if there are any issues or delays you MUST let me know as soon as possible.  If you get an attack of the nerves, do let me know a simple call could be all you need to spur you on.  
  7. I expect full payment for the remainder of the session fees, upon your arrival.  I don’t like having to ask for payment.  

To make things easier for you, I have several options available for taking payments.  

Deposits can be made either through My site using my Pay a Deposit page, OR you can use Amazon e-vouchers to send your deposit in a less attention attracting form, OR UK bookings can request bank details to pay in at a branch or by transfer. If you choose the e-voucher option, payments are to be sent to my email address: MistressLagertha@mail.com 

Session costs can also be paid in advance through My site using My Shop page otherwise in cash on the day.   

If you need to save for a session with me, email me first detailing you wish to make use of my saving up option.  And we can draw up a payment plan that suits your personal situation.  Many other things in our lives can be bought with a payment plan, why not your Mistress expeience.  All payments are non-refundable and can only be redeemed against sessions with me.  


Fees - In Person Bookings


Every person to visit me MUST pay a deposit for their sessions, this is not negotiable – being left out of pocket, has forced my hand.  The deposit amount is deducted from the session total session fee.  

Per EVERY visit to me = £50

Sessions at other venues – I will travel for sessions in different parts of the country, but it does mean that above rates will vary to include travel and differences in hire fees.  I will travel to venues at the following locations: Worcester, Leicester, Warwick, Bristol, Cardiff, Norfolk, London, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool.  You will need to contact me for difference in price information.  

Visit my blog about venues, as details vary. 

Session Rates:

Up to 45 mins* = £90

Per 1 hr = £150

Per additional 30 mins = £75

*The addition of the up to 45 mins session, is suitable for short foot worship or a short CP sesssion, or getting locked into chastity, or a quick technique lesson.  This price includes a stand alone 30 min session.  

The length of the session you book will depend on you, what you can afford and what you are able to take.  Long several hour sessions will need a weeks notice minimum, shorter sessions minimum of 24hrs notice.  

Meet Me – do you want to meet up for a drink and a chat, about anything fetish realated, or just spend some time with me in a more social setting.  Provided you cover the cost of the drinks etc my time per hr is £50.  Contact me to arrange and remember I choose where we meet.  

Event Companion – Always wanted to attend an event but need a Mistress to hand hold you through the door and keep you company.  Or maybe you want to belong to me for the duration of an event.  As different events cost different amounts to attend, along with factoring in travel and sometimes overnight accommodation, you will need to contact me to discuss details.  

Dominant Lessons – I’m regularly asked to teach people techniques on using implaments or to help those who want to become Dominant themselves.  I teach both men and women.  It might be that you just want to do better with your own play partner, or you fancy a change of career.  All lessons will require a willing demo body, email me if you need help with that.  Rates are from £200 per hr.  From that you’ll get, hands on experience, interactive practice and progression and a person you can ask once home and you realised you forgot something.  

Film subs – so you fancy staring in one of my website videos, or you’ve seen one of my adverts asking for a film sub.  These sessions do get interuptions, as I move the camera or stop/start filming, for this reason I charge a reduced session rate of £90 per hr, a deposit is required to ensure you show up.  Email me for futher details.  

Financial Domination – This you will definately need to contact me about.  I will need to see proof of income and out goings in order to produce your budget set your conditions and for you to sign your agreement.  

Chastity & Key Holding – you will need to provide your own cage/device, I’m happy to recommend one for you to purchace if needed.  To be locked in or tormented while locked up, see standard session rates.  For key holding services, I will hold ALL keys at rates of £5 per wk or £50 per month.

Bisexual interactions – so you fancy getting envolved in some way with someone of the same gender.  But you require a Mistress to ensure you see it through, instead of chickening out. Contact me for details and we can arrange it.  

Over night dungeon sessions – contact me for details, as they need pleanty of notice to organise.  As the cost will vary on session type and level of interaction required – do you just want a late night session, or do you want to locked in a cage and isolated, or become a peice of furniture while I get on with my evening.  

Kidnap sessions – EMAIL me for details (email evidence of planning is vital).  The logistics required to arrange such a session, will vary depending on type of scenario – soft touch tease type scenes, require less work than a full on bundled into a van type experience.  

Double Up – do you want a double Dominant session with two Mistresses or Myself with a Master.  Maybe you want the ultimate in a switch session, with Myself and the presance of my sub girl.  Conatct me for details as rates will vary, if you want another Pro Dominant that will cost more than if I bring along a lifestyle Dominant friend.  My sub girl has her own rates to factor in as she Pro subs.   

Save Up – If you want to save with me for a session, because your cash just burns a hole in your pocket, before you have enough for a session.  I can arrange a saving plan with you – email me to discuss your situation.  

I don’t barter or haggle, it annoys me immensely I see it as an insult.  


Fees - Online & Phone Session Bookings

As I am gaining a following from both male and female submissives, all over the world.  Along with those who for whatever reason can’t have an in person session.  I’ve decided to offer skype and phone sessions.  

There are two different ways you can book and pay for your phone or skype session:

  1. You can email me to tell me the following; what type of session you would like, along with your skype user ID so I can video call you and, an idea of suitable times to video call you.  Or pre pay and call me once payment has been confirmed, you can pay through my site using the tribute page to cover the length of your session – 1 minute = £1 or use the PayPay details above.  
  2. Or you can book and arrange your skype session with me or call through my Adultwork profile by clicking here.  

All subs/slaves/pets/toys are welcome to use these methods to plan their in person sessions too .  


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