Personal Harem Application

Application to be considered for a slave position in Mistress Lagertha’s personal harem 

All applications will be judged to see if the applicant is even worthy of interview.  To be in with a better chance of success, consider the following points before submitting your request for consideration: 

  • I along with all Dominant women, I get harassed daily with requests from people wanting to serve for free.  So why are you different from everyone else?  What makes you so special and stand out to me?  
  • Answer all questions and be honest.  
  • Don’t fill this out when you’re feeling horny, I’ll be able to tell and it will be rejected.  
  • Make the effort to spell things correctly.  
  • Acknowledge I am a Dominatrix and I do NOT require a string of horny sex slaves, and therefore should be treated with and spoken to, with the respect I deserve.

Age verification, are you over 18?


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