Mistress Lagertha


I’ll politely ask that you read all of the information on the about me page for an idea of my interests, along with etiquette and sessions page’s before you make first contact. That way you will approach me correctly making the best possible impression of yourself and you will have an idea of what to expect.  

I prefer email applications initially, because you can send an email anytime of day to me.  And the completing the booking form itself, means your session time doesn’t get as eaten into getting all this information then.  I will reply to your application, at my earliest convenience.  

If you have a general enquiry please use the email address below


I now have a dedicated mobile number, but the sim isn’t always in my phone.  You can book a time to call me by sending me an email.  Alternatively leave a voicemail or text me and I can reply when the sim is next in my phone.  But be polite and courteous to get reply from me, if you’re not I wont bother.  
07380 402031



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