Contact Mistress Lagertha

If you really need to contact me because you havent found the answer elsewhere on my site – please use this form to do so, but, be polite curtious and respectful.
Do not use this form to send me spam messages (I’m refering to you fools who dont understand the purpose of reaching my site!  Try reading it then you’ll know what people do and how they interact with me.  It’s laid out this way for a reason), these types of messages will be ignored!!

This form is not for long drawn out conversation about what I will do in your session with me – that discussion will happen before your session starts, usually by phone or in person.

It should also be noted that I am a busy person, meaning I don’t sit about all day waiting for your contact.  As such, not all of my reponces will be immediate.
I will reply at my earliest convenience, usually within 24hrs.

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