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I am Mistress Lagertha living up to the bold power and dominance of my namesake. Naturally dominant, I have been knowingly a Dominant Mistress since 2009, when I started honing my skills as a lifestyle Domme.  Later specialising in BDSM, traditional Corporal Punishment (CP), the training of traditional household servants, and more recently bring in life long specialisums of ball busting and feminisation/sissyfying. 

I conduct myself with the poise and dignity, the fact I have manners does not undermine my authority.  I am tall - at 5’9” - strong and confident woman, my traditional hour glass curves and striking looks command the attention of any room I enter. 

I am not the stereotypical FemDomme or Mistress in either appearance or mentality.  I care about the well being of those who come to see me.  I am personable but will discipline those who require it, verbally or physically within agreed limits.  Those who know me say I’m just the right balance of approachable and strict which, so I’m told, is apparently a breath of fresh air.  There is a time and a place for all things.  

My ever growing collection of implements for administering your humilliation, escape, pain and or  punishment - not all enjoy pain; range through a variety of canes, whips, spanking tools, rope, medical staples, a collection of sensory items and a selection of violet wands.  The venues I use for sessions are purpose built, with a variety of room set ups from school rooms to fully furnished dungeons.  

Many diverse individuals, female, male and couples seek my services ranging from novices yearning to enhance and integrate a newly found BDSM experience into their lifestyle through to those well versed in the nuances of pain and suffering.  The rich and powerful right down to the every day Joe, with me you are all equal.  

You may require me to help you control your life and keep you in check with real punishments whilst others in my presence will benefit from submitting to my will to escape the demands of their own life.  Or you may want to experience a fantasy, which I am more than capable of delivering.

I enjoy nothing more than smiling sweetly as I hum, putting you off your guard before delivering the desired session.  I may even be laughing or giggling as you try to hide the fact that you’re enjoying what you receive.

This is my pleasure when it comes to being your Mistress. 

(Continue reading below the picture, and find lists of some of my interests)


I care about and respect the safety, consent and limits of anyone who offers me their submission.  I will read your body and its reactions, together with any pre agreed safety word/system.  And I allow constructive feedback, because I want you to get the most from your session(s).  I’d like you to come back.  

Sessions are currently bookable across a variety of locations in the West Midlands.  However I am willing to travel, if circumstances are suitable.  I will come into London and do see a few bookings in Norfolk.  

If your area of fetish/kink interest is not listed below, you are allowed to ask me if I offer it or will consider it. 

I do not tolerate time wasters – meaning those who seek the thrills of constant messages with no intention of ever booking or showing up.  If you qualify as one of these types, you will be marked down on my shitlist.  

I regularly attend fetish events across the Midlands and London, such as:
Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, At My Command (which I host), Club Pedestal, Devotion and others.

My Interests

Anal/strap on/pegging
​​​​​​​Some need to be trained to take this, others are already experienced.  

Ball Busting
Kick them, beat them, stand on them, shoot pool balls at them, shoot them (nerf or airsoft – for the more hardend individual), and many more imaginative things to inflict discomfort, mild to extream.  

Who knew my love of beating the soles of feet has such a great name.  

Body Worship
I limit the areas and types of worship, to those I enjoy receiving. There is NO genital worship allowed.  

Tie you up, tie you down or attach you to equipment.  I have reasonable rope skills and a slection of leather restraints and metal clip fastnings.  

Boot/shoe/foot worship
I have a growing collecion of footware including desiner and fetish.  I can teach you to properly care for feet.  You can smell my feet/shoes etc.  

Breast bondage
I will tie those boobies up.  

A to B fetishes in more detail

Chastity control
I will hold the key/tab code for you device, and issue you with rules and instructions.  

Ever wanted to be caged and ignored?  Or caged and tormented?  Or imprisoned?

Cock & ball torture CBT
Very much as with ball busting except there is attention paid in some delightfully cruel way to your cock.  Again mild to extream.  

Corporal punishment
Everything from the lesser over the knee, to heavier over a bench.  Spankings, slipperings, paddlings, canings, strappings.  From mild role play CP to judicial caning.  

Corsets & stockings
I love if not totally adore tight laced corsets especially underbust ones.  I also love stockings my favourite are fully fashioned contrast seam nylon or silk stockings – but as they are £30 a pair, if you want those worn for your session you may have to contribute to there cost.  

Double Domme
I am lucky enough to be friends with some wonderful Dommes, so can arrange this should you desire it.  

At the moment I own a selection of: a violet wand, tens machine, black box and a vixion.  In time I will offer other choices.  

Face slapping
I love this and never thought I would.  The look of genuiune shock is what I enjoy.  

I have learn’t which foods encorage it to happen.  And it can be leathal.  

I have a selection of dress up clothes, I can provide wigs and can do or teach you make up (I am professional make up artist) and provide girls finishing school etiquette.  

Gags & hoods
From ball gags to panties stuffed in your mouth.  Blindfolds to full head coverage.      

I’m naturally gifted, insults demeaning and making you feel small.  Many various forms  it can take.  SPH & CFnm.

Human furniture
I often require a seat, foot stool or coat stand and bag hook etc.    

Intence and extream role play.  Ever fancied staring in your own spy interrogation, with bright lights, bag over the head, tormented until confession? 

Leather & PVC
I love both of these, but especially leather – the smell and feel against my skin.   

Leg worship
I draw special attention to this one.  As I have very LONG legs, I like nothing more than to have them pampered and looked after – shaved, waxed, massaged, moisturised etc.  

Vac-U-Bed, clingfilmed or other.  

Maid/Valet service
Traditional service trained subs are hard to come by, but widely sort after – think Downton Abby.  Sissy maids also welcome but all service will be traditional in training given.  

Nipple tease or torture
Pain, flicks, clips, pegs, pinchy things etc.  

Clit & pussy torture CPT
Spank it, cane it, flog it, tie it up, staple it, clips and pins, repeated and intence vibration.  

Role play fantacies
So long as its leagal, message me to discuss it.  

Over the knee, over the bench, over the table.  Hand and implements.  Teacher, Auntie or Governess.  

Sensory deprovation
Blindfolded, overpowering smells, under or over powering sounds.  All to disorientate your experience.  

Sensation play
The more sensual side of BDSM play.  

Slave training
Mistress will teach you how to behave and advice on how to live your life.  

Helping you outwardly be the girl inside.  Or as part of humiliation being feminised.  

Barefoot, in stockings, flat shoes or heels.  I will walk on you.  

Oh how I love this, I will restrain you so there is no escape until you relent.  

Water sports
Only I will pee on you or make you drink my pee.  

Wax play
Hot wax suitable for use on the skin dripped or poured on you, then left or removed.  

Whipping & flogging
Single tail or mulitple falls, stingy or thuddy I have a growing collection of choice.  

Depending on the session/situation

Age play
Little time for those adults who are mentally toddler to 10, but I DON’T entertain messing nappies or adult babies.  

Breath play
This when done right and safely, can be a good experience.  It is a more extreame play and as such, I will only consider it with those who I’ve played with before, because I can read your reactions better.  

Forced Bi
For those who already have an interest/curiosity, need a helping hand. And want Mistress to watch.  

Medical play
Really depends on the scene you want and if I have the skills to fufill it. I currently offer nurse outfits, sounds, examinations and stapling.  For anything else ask and we shall see.   

Needle play
I have limited experience with this at the moment, so belive honesty is important.  Hygine sterilisation and proper sharps disposal is paramount.  

​​​​​​​Puppy & pony play
Puppies on leads or being petted.  
Pony play as yet I have no experience with, excluding being able to actually ride a horse.  

Smoking fetish
I was a casual smoker, as I have quit for sometime and will never go back to regular smoking.  I am willing to offer e-cig sessions and one off/occassional smoking sessions, but I wont chain smoke and I certainly can’t offer it regularly – don’t want to start up a habbit again.  

Non-competitive, fantacy style wresting only.  I  CANNOT offer lift and carry or anything competetive.  I am more than happy to use real moves to pin you down and clamp body parts in braces.  

Pre agreed role play senario, there will be written planning via email for this one.  And a video call with you before hand is essential.   

Don’t even ask for – the answer is NO

I’m allergic to it annoyingly. I can be around it just not in contact with it.  I’m better around treated latex, but still I can’t wear it. I do have a liquid alternative though for those who enjoy that form of play.  

I am a BDSM Dominatrix, not a prostitue/escort/courtisan. So therefore I WILL NOT provide hand relief no matter how special you think you are.  I will verbally instruct should the mood take me or make you shuffle on the carpet like a dog. BUT if you require physical sexual relief then I’m not the Mistress for you.

I'm talking poo and vomit here.  Not something I enjoy, both are a no.  

I’m talking actual animals here – it’s illigal and wrong!  


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