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I don’t take pictures or video sessions unless first agreed, that I can.  And that I am allowed to use those pictures or video on my website.  

But I’m quickly noticing that I’m now lacking in imagery and clips for the site, especially new members.  This is not something I want to last long, yes the site has only been live since Feb, but I need to act.  SO I am making an offer of discounted sessions for those who are happy to consent to filming or photos of their session time.  In exchange I will reduce the fee paid.  The way I see it your enjoyment of the session maybe effected by stopping to take pictures or move cameras.  And it’s only fair to reduce the fee accordingly.  

Should there be any members out there who wish to take up this offer, then do use the contact form.  Detailing you wish to be a website subject for film/photo.  Masked faces is acceptable, I can even cover identifying tattoos!

« Mistress Lagertha's Blog

Posted on 7th April 2017

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