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Underfoot - Trampling Event

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I went along for my first attendance at the Midlands event ‘Underfoot’, a week or so ago now.  It was not my first rodeo for trampling, as I’ve walked over the boys at Pedestal each visit there.  But I wanted to learn more about foot/feet fetishes in general, to aid my Pro Domme sessions.  I’m a firm believer in understanding the reasons behind why people enjoy their fetishes, so as a Domme I can ensure I deliver to expectations.  

I got to walk over the willing attendees, some new and some experienced.  And had a fabulous moment with one of the newbies, where I could feel his first moment of bodily enjoyment resonate from his belly up through my leg – I can only really describe it as an energy transfer.  

I also had several other experiences I’d like to share: 

First, the rolling road or human bridge/carpet.  which spanned from one end of the play dungeon to the other, the four human planks would move once stood on to the opposite end of the bridge to continue extending it, until I reached the other end of the room.  You can view some of the photo’s in my Members Gallery or all of the photo’s in my Premium Members Gallery

Second, I received some excellent foot and shoe care from one of the attendees.  My Vivian Westwood shoes where cleaned inside and out by tongue with the utmost love and care.  Then the same sub also gave me a lovely foot massage.  

Third, I was asked to assist the event organiser in planning the practicalities of trampling aerobics.  Which let to a conversation where I offered to help at a future event, where I will be teaching foot subs professional skills in foot care; from pedicure to massage to painting with nail polish.  

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Posted on 20th February 2017


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