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I have begun a huge task of converting a small area of my home, into a fetish play space.  But a the space is still in an area of my home that needs to on the surface apear vanilla, then change when needed, into a space for induging fetishes.  

The delight that comes with this, is that I will eventually be able to see some individuals for sessions here.  Though the more extream sessions will still require a hired venue.  

The progress so far has brought; my very own childhool school desk to the space, a spanking horse, an improvised yet effective bondage bed, another improvised yet effective form of bondage chair.  All that I am out standing, are anchor points / a St Andrews Cross / A frame and a spanking bench.  The bench is what I desire most at this moment in time, in a design that will easiely pack away.  

So far the types of session I will be able to offer in this domestic setting, will be:
Sissy's - I already have a dedicated beauty room 
Foot/shoe/boot worship
House maid/boy
Tie and tease
School/Teacher detentions
Rope bondage (non spuspention)
Confinement - I already have a dank brick cell
Mild impact (heavy impact will disturb the neighbours even if I fit you with a ball gag)
Anal training
... and I'm sure a few I've forgotten too. 

I need to finish the clear out, because everything that was in the junkroom of the dining room, is now in boxes all over the house in desperate need of sorting and tiding before any of you booking can visit here.   

« Mistress Lagertha's Blog

Posted on 14th August 2018

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