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2nd visit to Club Pedestal London

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Jan 2017, as a fetish birthday treat to myself. I went along to Club Pedestal again. Mainly for self promotion, but also to show my female sub aka No1 sub, what a London fet night was like. My house servant come chauffeur aka No2 sub, drove us there and back. 

Despite best laid plans to leave early and arrive shortly after the doors opened, I held up departure because I was doing my make up – nobody gave me a time check mind!  So we arrived fashionably late, but just in time for the start of the live stage show. 

We watched the first two acts on the line up. The first a fire poi act, which was great. Then a fet themed burlesque double act, which was okay but not really my preferred style of burlesque act. I witnessed high and mighty type, be unnecessarily rude to an over curious male sub – don't get me wrong we shouldn't bubble wrap subs, but on first communication civility isn't hard. So not wanting to be further audibly abused by mere proximity, we went to explore the happenings of the club. 

One of the new house subs ‘tommy’ came gleefully over, to massage my feet and chat about why I was there. In exchange for an excellent foot massage – which did require a few correctional prods to keep attention focused. I rewarded him with five minutes of an introductory beating from me. Which was great fun, warmed him up a bit and trialled him with a few implements. 

I gave No.1 sub a light flogging, as she needed to be mark free for her pro sub spanking booking two days later. And because of this fact she was quite cheekily posed over the spank bench. Which attracted some attention and saw our pictures be taken for use on the events website www.clubpedestal.com pictures included below are said pictures taken by event photographer Derek. After returning a few bits of kit to servant sub No.2, I went for a walk across the trampling cage. Something No.1 sub had never seen before. And she did get great visual pleasure out of watching the carpet of boys reactions. So much so, that one boy in paticular stood out to both of us… you know who you are. 

When I sat back down to observe the room, both subs were occupied and a very polite and pleasing French boy stopped by to ask if I needed anything. On requesting a soft drink I was promptly brought one by him. A small bit of chat followed and on his way he went. Then I spotted what looked like a purposely abandoned sub, chained up to a piece of equipment. My curiosity got the better of me and I had to investigate. Turned out he has indeed been left purposefully for any Fem Domme to play with. After confirming to my liking that he wasn't telling tales to get attention, a check on his limits and preferred play. I got out my bag of miniature paddles and floggers along with some pegs. Oh the complaints that ensued over how such small things could be so nasty – I was laughing so much I paused and noticed his own Domme had returned and she too was highly amused. 

On changing rooms I witnessed a fantastic demonstration from Mistress Evillyn on verbal humiliation.  And a hillarious punishment session being delivered my Mistress Whipplash. Observing others is as much fun as administering punishments myself. 

Then in a fabulous way for me to end the evening play wise, a regular of the club who was the first to approach me on my first visit. Asked for some ball crushing and trampling, which was so much fun, I ended up stood on his back as he did push ups – which I greatly enjoyed. 

At home time I decided I was going to change for a more comfortable ride back to the Midlands, so put on my ‘Animal’ from the muppets house trousers before leaving the club. People's reactions who noticed were priceless. 

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Posted on 12th February 2017


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