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"SO then David you are a little foot whore then!" Says Lagertha as she greets me for my first session at the dungeon with her. I've booked to use the study as figured it was plenty of space for a foot worship session. 

I must admit I'm quiet excited as Mistress Lagertha has promised foot talent and I eager to discover what that will be. 

"well no time like the present to get started then, I want your tops off then on your knees on the floor with your forearms flat to the floor to ensure your head is in the right place. Go!"  I quickly do as I have been instructed, when in position I have a lovely clear view of my Mistresses feet in her shoes. 

Black patent 6" heels with no socks or stockings on, I can see how mistresses feet arch high in them making the veins start to bulge slightly with the pleasure her body is placing on feet wearing these shoes. She walks towards my position where I'm crouched on the floor, walking one foot in front of the other heel first; as she walks I see that she has an ever so slight outer placement of her feet which must wear down the heels quickly and unevenly.  

She stops short of my face and rests against the leather sofa, the proximity of her feet now I can just detect that they have not been washed in a day or so as there is a slight stale sweat smell coming from her shoes. She lifts her right foot to my face, "have a good close inspection of what you are about to orally clean for me, you will start with the tops then the sides and soles and if you do a good job there I might allow you to do the heels".  Mistress Lagertha then pushes her shoe clad right foot I to my face until it kicks me in the nose. "get on with it then da-vid" she tells me in a condescending tone. 

I run my nose around where the edge of the shoe meets the skin of her foot, it smells of patent fabric and feet - hers smell strong. I start to lick continuing to breath in the aroma of her feet and shoes, I move my tongue across and around the shiny fabric moving down the platform wedge that is nearly 2" in height. Lagertha tilts her foot so I can lick the sole, I look at it. These shoes have been everywhere as the soles are filthy, clearly they are not just for show. 

As I eagerly start licking the sloe of her shoe I hear "Oh you REALLY are an absolute shoe whore, foot slut even! Now clean my heel like your giving it a blow job suck all that dirt and grime off, I can tell you love it like that". 'Wow' I think to myself, 'finally someone who gets me'. 

"You are to repeat your sequence and actions now on my left shoe" and I am kicked in the face softly again by her other shoe. I begin my work again, this foot smelling as sweetly rank as the last one, which with all this excitement it makes me very hard in the trousers. My cock is straining against the seam, I wiggle my body to try and free the pressure with not much improvement. I don't want to make big movements of adjustment for fear of Nikkita noticing, but too late!  She has seen my wiggles and leans forward to swat me on the behind, with what felt like a paddle. "FOCUS on the task in hand!" I'm told force fully. 

Lagertha kicks off her shoes one at a time, by lifting her foot from each shoe and letting the shoe hang on her toes until they drop one at a time beneath my face. Watching each shoe swing on her foot like a pendulum before they dropped off, was mesmerising. Now I have the full scent of worn man made shoes right under my nose, I'm busy enjoying the aroma when a naked foot is lifted to my face. 

Mistress Lagertha wiggles her toes and says "these are very talented feet, as I can pick things up with them. So I figured I would feed you some of the items I can pick up. They will all be manoovered and picked up with my toes, so chances of toe jam for you there." She began with a small tray of assorted items that was placed on the floor, there were cut carrots along with assorted food stuffs and some items that were not edible - like nylon pop socks, cotton socks and a pencil. 

Lagertha asked me to lie on my back where I was, then she placed a chair just back from my head "you may turn your head to watch but once the items are picked up you are to face the ceiling ready to receive them".  I turned my head to watch as she flexed her toes over the carrots first and picked one stick up with her right foot. I turned my head up again as instructed and her right foot still holding the carrot stick was brought above my face and over my mouth - 'she really is going to feed me with her feet!'. The foot pushed the carrot at my mouth, as the arch of her foot rested on my nose. 

The food feeding process was repeated with the other items on the tray as well as alternated with the worn cotton socks, Mistress Lagertha picked up the sock with both feet - one foot at each end.  As she lowers it over my face towards my nose and mouth, stretching it over me and pulling it tight against my skin.  This sock has a had a very sweaty foot in it, the aroma and taste of it as her feet rub it over and into my face.  Next this is repeated but with the nylon stocking.  She dropped the hold she had on the stocking, then began to knead my cheeks with both of her bare feet, pushing and pulling the skin "would you like to worship these?" I'm asked.  I nod my head as I reply verbally with mumbled yes through the kneading of my face, "then no and I mean NO light or tickling touches!  My feet are extremely ticklish and when ticked I get very violent - you have been warned.  Keep it firm but gentle."  


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