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Harry works as a male PA to Lagertha Fésse at a fast growing trading firm.  Harry does find that his friends think it is a stupid job for a man to do, as in their eyes he is essentially just a secretary.  But what they don’t realise is that they have no ordinary working relationship, Mistress Lagertha as he knows her, controls and dominates Harry’s life in a way that he just can’t get enough of it.  Harry willingly submits to his Mistress or all other women Mistress Lagertha deems suitable for her pleasure and entertainment, not his own.  

One Monday afternoon, Lagertha finds a gift on her desk after returning from a lunch meeting that was out of the office.  On closer inspection she sees that the gift has card attached that is addressed to her and signed from Harry, Lagertha LOVES presents and parcels so she opens it – inside she finds two pairs, of her favourite silk nude and black contrasting seamed stockings in just the right size for her.  This makes her smile and when Harry has not responded in a timely fashion to Ms Fésse’s summons to her office.  Lagertha finds out when looking for him in the break room downstairs, discovering he was last seen going into the stationary room up on the top floor.  

The company’s office is currently located on a trading estate in multifunctional industrial/trading units; this particular one has offices mainly on the top floor with the ground floor housing the visitor space and conference meeting rooms together with reception toilets and the break room.  The offices and rooms on the upper floor have structural girders visible at the apex of the roof and walls, as is common now in modern building design.  And the stationary room is one of the storage rooms that are located around the edge of the building so the slop of the roof doesn’t interfere with normal office space.   

On entering the long narrow stationary room in search of Harry, Ms Fésse is faced with a vision that would shock and horrify the average person – There behind the shelves of copier paper, tied up and suspended with an over laid hemp rope at each wrist, to the structural girder and more of the same rope to each ankle that is then tied off to the shelves either side.  Is a NAKED Harry with a black rubber ball gag buckled tightly around his mouth, forcing him dribbling over himself leaving a wet glistening trail down his torso.  

As Lagertha is Harry’s Mistress, her first reaction is to burst out laughing loudly at him.  Still with laughter in her voice she says “who on earth did you con to tie you up and leave you waiting here for me, I wonder?” Of course I cannot reply due to being bound and gagged, so instead I hang my head and eye my Mistress waiting wantonly.  Mistress speaks to me again “mmm now I would like to thank you for the gift of new expensive stockings you left for me, but finding you here like this and that it was not by my order, proves that you truly do behave like the office dog seeking attention!”

The sheer excitement of being tightly tied up gagged and left waiting to surprise my Mistress, in the stationary room has had a slow hardening effect on my cock.  Being found was enough to finish the job; I have wood that will support the building if needed.  However Mistresses verbal humiliation and jeering has had the opposite effect.  Mistress gently stokes my cock like she is petting a dogs head, this stroking action brings me close to orgasm, then making doubly sure I can’t enjoy my hard planed moment; Mistress Lagertha slaps my balls hard with the flat of her hand.  I brace and pull against my rope restrains with the pain, as Mistress turns on her heels and exits the stationary room with nothing further said.  

I am left hanging literally; I have NO idea quite how I’m going to get out of this as it hasn’t gone quite to plan.  I was hoping that being ready and waiting to be my Mistresses play thing here at work, then released, but no!  The rest of the afternoon passes, nobody else comes into the room for anything.  I hear the sounds from outside as staff start leaving for the day, I am bursting for the toilet and not one person has come to my aid or even looking for me.  

I hear the Hoovers as the office cleaners begin their shift for the night, I cannot hold it any longer and as my body releases with relief one of the cleaners opens the door to room.  I pull against my rope bonds and make what noise I can through the ball gag, to attract her attention.  A large portly woman rounds the shelving to see me, hanging there naked, “aww you poor thing” she says.  She looks me over seeing that I am covered in dribble and my own piss “WELL there are limits!” she exclaims then disappears.  I hear the sound of the rooms’ door closing and fear that I have again been left there.  

Next thing light goes on in the room – she didn’t leave and I will be helped, I sigh in relief.  I notice the large cleaning lady returning to my position and undressing as she approaches me, “your Christmas has come early sweetie” she tells me with a wicked grin on her face.  Advancing closer to me fully naked now, her large breasts now free of any underwear hanging over her belly.  I realise now just how vulnerable I am and struggle with no success to free myself, as I try to shout into the ball gag for her to stop and to let me down.  


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