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Age Play:
I enjoy those of you who like to be littles from toddler age to probably about 10 mentally.  For things like drawing time, play time and adventures.  However I find nappy wearing adult babies a hard limit, because I don’t enjoy anything about that side of age play.  

Anal/pegging/strap on:
Do you find it humiliating to have a Dominatrix put something up your ass? Maybe you secretly enjoy the thrill and the sensation you know only a Dominatrix can get right.  Perhaps your ass is your sissy pussy.  Or you fantasise that it’s a real cock.  
Whichever are you reasons:
Be sure to enjoy anal training… “so you are new to anal penetration, lets begin with seeing which size butt plug you can comfortably take, and hold inside for that full gentle stretch feeling?”  
Shed the masculine you on arrival… “oh doesn’t she look pretty, her make up done hair just right, but everyone knows that really she is a slut, why I fucked her only last week and she couldn’t get enough of me.”  
Fancy knowing what it feels like to experience prostate pleasure but could never try it for real… “ah so thats the size cock you fantasise about, let me attach that to my harness then.  Get on your knees and blow my cock so it is good and slippy before I lube up your ass ready to slowly expand to take it.” Slowly ever so slowly to start, in and out, at an angle that feels strange to start, but you start to feel building intense pressure that feels oh so good.  

Ball Busting: 
Legs apart to present, but what will be used?  Something to break the skin, a humbler maybe, natures sting or thorns perhaps, something creative or good old-fashioned fist, foot or impact toy.   I get so much joy from ball busting, watching your reactions to know how far I can push it/you.  when I see I’m getting close to it being too much, I’ll give you a breather or dial it back, assess if i can continue or call an end to the proceedings.  The alternatives are restrain you in some form so you can not get away from what’s coming next

This is one of my own kinks I had before knowingly coming to BDSM, but didn’t know it has such a great name.  I get such a kick out of torturing feet and it makes me laugh so much.  And now knowingly in to BDSM, I have canes and floggers among many other implements of torture I can use.  
Your feet can be hit with a cane or a leather strap, it will absolutely kill, your ouches and swearing will feed me to do it again.  All the time I know, you will get little to no marks but every step you make afterwards will be a reminder for at least a few days.  

Body Worship:
I only enjoy some forms of body worship:
Leg worship being one of my own kinks, having hands on my legs to exfoliate and shave them.  The pressure required to massage, wash or moisturise them.  I know others enjoy stroking my legs through tights, stockings, or other materials which also feels great for me.  
Foot worship, this is different for everyone who likes feet… I will discuss this more under its own heading.  
Hand worship, it’s like a game of footsie but with hands, as you feel them sniff them have them stroke your face. Or examine them and learn more about them from me as I tell you anatomical knowledge about them.  

Bondage & Restraints: 
So many exciting ways to restrict you, on the menu we have:
Confinement, with a choice of cages from Prison cells to large stand up ones to small hunch you up inside them ones.  Or my favourite the human size finger trap, the more your hoisted up in it the tighter the straps around you become - then I can spin you or swing you among many other exciting things depending on your other interests.  
Rope, this is was the second BDSM skill I ever learnt.  At the time I couldn’t afford expensive metal or leather restraints, so figured that becoming competent with rope skills, I could do many different things with the same piece of equipment.  I like to do tight inescapable rope work, it’s important that I keep them from being too tight, together with monitoring blood flow to the restrained body part(s).  Sliding the rope over your skin as you are tied and united, the pretty marks left behind after it is removed, is so much fun.  
Leather restraints, I now many years on, have a selection of leather wrist cuffs ankle cuffs thigh cuffs.  That can be used to bind you to dungeon furniture or into positions of my choice.  
Then there is the other dungeon furniture, that has lots of leather straps that can tie you down or anchor points to rope you to.  
Finally there is the creative use of perverables such as clingfilm or pallet wrap, cable ties, tape or anything else that might peak my interest as a suitable form of bondage or restraint.   

Breast Bondage: 
Boobies seriously who doesn’t love them.  But to tie them up, separately or together is great fun. Watching them bulge or pulling them in tight, either way, girls form a queue.  

Breath Play: 
One of my personal favourite forms of edge play, BUT not something I will do with everyone, hence why it is on my consideration list.  This is one kink with very real risks attached to it, real trust to be essential and of the upmost importance.  Before I let you anywhere near the heady rush you can get from risk aware breath play. 
To add to the serious side of this, I will not do anything with plastic bags or ropes around necks.  
Smothering with tap outs is the only risk limiting way of being as safe as possible. 

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Posted on 17th April 2018

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