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Well on Saturday 17th March 2018, I went to London to deliver a demo on sensation play at the Mistress and Master event in Hackney, hosted by Kim Rub. I will write a separate blog about my own demo that night. But this one is going be dedicated to what I learnt from the frankly awesome Pussy Willow, who delivered the wrestling demo.  

After watching and thinking “I wish I could do that”. At the end I piped up to ask if there were any ways I could, given that I have a long established spine injury.  I was delighted when she told me yes and offered to show me how and then went on teach me to them.  

It turns out I am a bit of a natural, but due to my injury I can’t do anything that would involve anyone fighting me back.  So that means I can only offer fantasy style wrestling - which is real moves, real pain and discomfort to tap out from ... just no struggle, no fight back and no lift and carry.  

I know we only scratched the surface, with things I could do/offer but it means I have a starting point for those who enjoy that style of fetish session.  


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Posted on 21st March 2018


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