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Technology needs a beating

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I am loosing my patience with my devices at the moment. I have oodles of pictures to upload for you all, but they either won’t maintain their edited rotations or won’t import at all for editing (to remove faces). 

And I have new video in need of editing so it’s ready for upload to my clips site, which was filmed over a week ago now. But my bloody devices won’t let me import the footage. 

GRRRR – apple update teams need a bloody good hiding if you ask me!  

Anyway I’ve managed to upload some of the many pictures. And the rest will follow as soon as I get this problem seen to. 

Watch out for pictures of the following – extreamly creative and entertaining CBT, sharpes play, triple Domme humiliation and anything else I snap between now and getting up on here. 

Technology really can be a pain in the ass at times. 

« Mistress Lagertha's Blog

Posted on 21st February 2018

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