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Film Slaves WANTED

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I’m not fussed if they are male or female ones, both are equally as much fun.  

I have posted on this topic in my blog before 1st blog here and 2nd blog here, which you may want to read for background.  

I will make a few rules clear here and now, should you be interested in becoming a film slave for me, all with immediate effect:  

  1. Venue/studio hire costs as does my time for you to get your kicks on film – NOTHING is free!  … even when I did offer the position for free slaves couldn’t commit or repeatedly messed me about, so NO MORE.  If you want to be a film slave you have to cough up £150 for MINIMUM of 4hrs of filming time, if you want over night its an extra £50.  
  2. If you are already well known to me, either from already being a RELIABLE client or in my circle of fetish friends.  Then I am prepared to film at cost or shared cost.  
  3. Willing slave must be over 21 years old.  This is so whatever country the video is viewed in, it wont be breaking any age laws.  Photographic proof of ID will need to be seen for everyone, rest assured I don’t take any copies, I only note down reference numbers – so should I ever been checked out I have proof of checking.  
  4. Leading on from 3 … ALL film slaves MUST complete my talent release form.  The information required is your screen name (for film), your real name for records (cross referenced with your ID), your date of birth, your real signature, the date you signed, and the reference number on your photo ID.  ALL of this information is protected under  current data protection law, and is required for the purpose of filming and publishing.  The only publicly published information is your screen name, the publishing site requires yours and my date of birth but it is NEVER made public.  
  5. If you need to maintain anonymity, I am quite happy for your face to be covered and or any identifying features such as tattoos etc.  I have a variety of cover methods at my disposal.   
  6. I am happy to negotiate the type of scene filmed, I wont make you do something that isn’t your kink.  The whole idea is we both enjoy the experience.  However I will stress AGAIN because for some unknown reason it isn’t already clear … I WILL NOT and DO NOT offer sex or receive oral worship – Me wearing a strap on to enter you is a whole different matter.  

So you’ve made it this far and you’re still willing and up for this.  Now what you need to do is complete the email form on this link, which notifies me of your interest.  I will reply when I am free to do so to start arrangements.  

Next you will need to pay your deposit, see the deposit page of my site.  

Finally if you want to be super organised and ready, you can complete the Talent Release Form and bring it with you on the day, alternatively I will have one with me on the day.  

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Posted on 12th December 2017

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