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Site content UPDATES and a change to pricing Oct 2017

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Hello there folks, I’m midway through some website updates.  The bulk of the content is now live, the layout and presentation is still to be changed.  No need to be shocked when the changes happen.  

The biggest change is my session pricing – I have changed how much I charge to be more in line with what is average.  This change came after I polled people on twitter as to how they preferred session fees to be presented.  I was originally charging the venue hire separately from my tribute rates.  My reason for this was when I did my first research on what to charge, most if not all Mistresses were ones with their own personal play spaces and no need to hire a dungeon as is my situation.  What I’ve realised today as I was working out my new rates, at least a third of those originally researched were not only London based but also the escort type of Mistress.  Not BDSM Dominatrix like myself.  On reflection it would certainly explain, why potential bookers were eager until they learned my fees – though I am thankful for those who have booked and stayed loyal regardless.  I’m 10 months in to my journey of becoming a full time Dominatrix, rather than just seeing the odd person as I had been for a few years, because I had more fun playing with people on the lifestyle side of things at weekends back then.  I officially put my hands up in recognition of my misjudgment in pricing, however it does mean I’m now taking a cut in earnings absorbing the venue hire into what I charge.  Which with hubby having lost his job is precarious at best – yes I am married it’s no secrete, yes he knows I’m a Mistress.  As I am the main earner again, it is vital that you get booking sessions otherwise I run the risk of loosing my home!  

« Mistress Lagertha's Blog

Posted on 28th October 2017

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