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I went along to I think the second one of these events on the 16th Sept 2017.  And have been meaning to do a blog about it for longer than I realised.  

I went along with the offer to deliver an introduction to knife play demo, which meant I could attend for free – which was nice as the cost of fuel to London and back plus event entry can mount up.  

Despite every best laid plan to leave with more than enough time to travel down there.  I was 30 minutes late leaving home – I forget why now, but it proper vexed me.  I then got caught in local traffic going to fetch my girl sub Rosey, who was going to be the ever willing demo body for the night.  Then we got held up in accident tail back traffic on the motorway, so we made a quick food stop on route instead of when arriving as originally planned.  

By the time we finally arrived, we were 3 hrs late, a fact that really wound me up.  But we found parking right outside across the road which was handy.  So I’d missed a few really good topics on the demo list.  But we caught the bulk of an excellent breath play demo.  A topic I wanted to know more about, because I had been playing with basics for a few years and wanted to step it up a gear.

The gentleman delivering the demo covered basics from hand over mouth, to middle ground self suffocation and the essential safety aspects to consider to prevent fatal errors, to bag mask and gas techniques.  I even learnt a tip to improve my basic techniques.  On chatting with him afterwards he was willing to meet up sometime of a mutually agreeable time to teach me more in depth.  As diving in unchecked with a subject such as this is very unwise.  So a future learning session with him is in the pipelines, just need to iron out the logistics of if he comes up here or I go there – may need a willing demo body … make contact with me if you’re interested.  

Following the breath play demo, we watched a body casting demo.  Using fiber casting, which was interesting and certainly a safer alternative to plaster casting.  At the moment not a skill I’ve needed to exercise but useful knowledge to bank and draw up on when required.  

Then it was my turn.  And I could relax a little bit about having so many knives present in an event where I didn’t know people.  Initially it seemed not may were interested when I started.  I was plugging up Rosey’s hearing and blindfolding her ready to handle such a public display.  At this point there was maybe 5 people in the room.  I laid out all my knives on the table next to the massage couch Rosey was lying upon, making sure I was between it and the people in the room.  When I turned around to get started, the amount of people had at least doubled.  So I kicked off telling people about myself, how I got into my knife fetish and how it grew from there.  

I continued with demonstrating my introduction to using them styles, while being sure to tell them how the law stood on possession use and transportation.  Along with safety points on where not to use them on the body.  As I was covering more sensual play rather than cutting for blood letting, which isn’t really my thing, the worst marks Rosey got were scratches that only just broke the skin if at all.  Something she loves greatly.  

I moved on to sharpening styles best suited to caring for the blade – as that is my Hubby’s department I hope I did his knowledge and skill proud.  The number one important issue for me was making sure people knew how to correctly blunt a knife.  As I recalled the horrific advice I was witness to many years ago, when I attended a knife play demo … what they were advising would have sharpened and honed the blade not dulled and blunted it.  

I went through how to use the blades for different sensations and effects on their willing subs bodies.  By demonstrating on Rosey.  Then I opened up the floor to questions and eventually to smaller group show and tell at the end, with those who really wanted to know more.  It was at this point I realised the room was packed.  

Afterwards I cleaned up and packed up, another demo was getting started in the bar with someone for Violet Wand play.  We later joined the on lookers and it was at this point I realised I have been spoilt here in the Midlands with the friends I’ve made of the BDSM scene and learnt from.  While the gent was very capable, his knowledge was less than my own and I don’t consider myself a violet wand expert.  I have been very lucky to learn and still be learning from two very accomplished individuals on the Midlands scene.  

Eventually we wound down the night, by my giving Rosey a bum beating to de-stress her.  Before making the drive back to the Midlands.  


Since I have been asked by Miss Kim Rub, to do another demo at the next event.  She was going to ask for a repeat on the knife play, until I suggested a few other demo ideas.  

So on 17th March 2018, I will be doing a sensation play demo and a massage play demo … you might have seen the adverts on twitter.  Be sure to come along if you’re in London that night.  

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Posted on 28th October 2017


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