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While I do offer financial domination, I don’t just demand and bankrupt finsubs as that isn’t ethical to me. Just as I have to be mindful of health conditions and provide aftercare, to subs who want a beating or to violet wanded etc. The same level of care is applied to finsubs. I take account of their income and essential out goings, change unnecessary outgoings where suitable, then the remainder is mine to control along with setting what they get in the way of contact etc. They sign an agreement which has a negotiation stage, before I hold full control. 

So in Sept I took on a new finsub who I’ll call ‘N’. So far N has paid his sign up dues and two weeks payments although got a fine for being late.  He’s late again with his third week, claiming illness, which isn’t my problem he needs to learn to forward plan to prevent it from happening again. Today marks the end of his first month in his 6 month trial. And so far I’ve learnt that he self pleasured over his mums shoes and is really embarrassed about getting caught at his wife’s feet. So I’m still waiting on a photo that was requested  of him near them as she sleeps. I feel verbal abuse coming on for his next phone call and another fine. 


I’ve also acquired a semi regular phone session sub, who I’ll call ‘C’.  He originally wanted an in person session as his a total masochistic pain slut.  Which to be fair I’ve been finding really amusing, as he repeatedly underestimates me – ice on his balls being this weeks highlight. As he is all paid up with an in person session deposit I look forward to finally meeting him, to cause the discomfort and pain myself. 


I’ve finally found a leg sub that will pay to worship my legs and be smothered by my hands.  Something I’ve wanted for a few years, and this boy is very good at it – you’ll find a teaser photo in my teaser sessions gallery. He was so eager he confessed everything before he even got into the interrogation on cell. 


And a lovey tickle sub with a hand fetish, who squirmed and wriggled for 45 mins at the tips of my fingers. Then he spent a good 15 mins stroking my hands and nails asking questions about about them – it was a great session. 


Tomorrow 30th Sept I have two more new people for sessions introducing a spanker to being spanked and caned. And a detention room spanking from Aunty, to help the ‘school’ out as they can’t administer corporal punishments. 

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Posted on 29th September 2017

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