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UPDATE Nov 2018:
I have closed my membership area here on my site and transfering my content over to OnlyFans, so go join up and follow me there for exclusive content - pictures and short videos.  https://onlyfans.com/mistresslagertha 

Longer video clip content has been moved over to ManyVids, so go check it out if you want to watch my video's.  

Original post:

I require members to keep my site active.  Without members I wont cover the monthly cost of running this site, nor will I be able to produce regular content for the site for members to access.  It is a feeding circle, where both sides are required to make it work.  

Member’s get access to far more photo’s from sessions, photo shoots, and mad moments.  These pictures are only available in the members area, in order to comply with UK law – meaning if you join as a member I know you’re old enough to be viewing such images.  

Members get a discount on the cost of all sessions with me, as a thank you for being a loyal supporter.  

And as a member you get special deals on the cost of viewing my videos on ClipsFatale, which is slowly growing in content – as and when the servers allow, I think I keep over loading them.  I currently have a back log of videos that wont upload because the server keeps crashing.  

If you aren’t local or even located in other parts of the world, you can become a member and be closer to me.  


I know I am still fairly new in my net presence and as my Dominatrix self, but I am not at all lacking in skill or experience in what I do.  I am not an “insta Domme”, I’ve been honing my craft for 7 years and I truly love what I do.  And I want to share that with you, so make it a rich and full experience.  Membership is a monthly cost, there are two levels to suit most pockets.  Plus you can dip in and out or stay on as loyal loved subscribers.  

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Posted on 25th August 2017

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