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UPDATE 16/10/2017 I will no longer accept new clients without a deposit being paid – a few individuals thought it was amusing to have me booking time and venues for them to not show up!  And yesterday I was sat waiting for an hour in a hired venue while one lied to me about being held up with trains and only being round the corner to never actually arrive!! The venue could have been used/booked by other people and I could have done with not wasting my time and being out of pocket.  

ONLY once you have proven your worth and reliability, will I wave the deposit.  


ORIGINAL POST:  Normally I am a stickler for a deposit, I’ve been messed about so many times by people, I got sick of then messing the venues about because of others actions.  My uber control freak sees getting a deposit as a way of ensuring control.  But.  I have noticed the effect the little girls calling themselves ‘Mistress’ as a way to fleece non consenting clients, while passing it off as Financial Domination – if you want girls to do that to you great, you got what you wanted.  But more often than not, that is not what you expected nor what you wanted.  And I’m not at all surprised that it will have made you angry and weary of anyone else who asks for a deposit.  

So with that in mind, as a lot of enquirers get put off by the idea of a deposit.  I have decided to relax  my need to maintain that initial grip, for the two venues that are most local to me (not far from M6 junctions) – Why?  Because I know the owners of both well, and see most sessions book at one or the other of the locations.  If you are weary of paying a deposit for fear of being screwed over, this is my offering, to prove I am a traditional Mistress with integrity.  

The other two Midlands venues, are a bit further out for me and require upfront booking fees.  As most other studios and dungeons across the country. Hence for those locations, the deposit will still be required if you wish to session in other parts of the country.  

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Posted on 27th July 2017

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