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Been along to a learning event today

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This afternoon, I’ve been along to a kink learning event being delivered by a well respected member of the Kink community.  The way I look at things, is that we never stop learning – especially if I pick up new tips and tricks from folks.  

Today was all about electrical play.  Something I’m not new to, but always want to learn more about. The session was delivered by the ‘Prof’, a clearly well qualified technical whiz – must get to know him better.  Anyway, my knowledge and experience with violet wands has been steadily growing for some time now.  But have learnt some excellent tips an tricks today, like how to reactivate inactive wand electrodes, how to be more inventive with use, additional usage warnings … the naturally pale might get a form of sunburn and on some individuals that sunburn like patten or even branding marks will show up again every time the skin tans for some individuals.  Oh and how to ground and isolate myself for when playing with women can get a bit on the moist side, to minimise shocks to myself.  

I also got to see and experience the sensations of other perverted electronic gadgets of old.  While taking onboard the importance of safety – something I’m very big on.  Not all electrified items seen used as pervertables, are entirely safe for such use.  Examples given were: cattle prods, shock collars, electric fly zappers, and tazers; all items that first need dialing down in intensity before use on a human.  And as these are things I’ve not considered for use before, it was very useful to learn that modification is needed first … a fact many never consider.  

The most interesting part of the worshop, was learning about the ‘black box’.  A device of the Prof’s own creation designed for safe electrical play, that is a cross between the sensations of a violet wand and an Estim.  One is on order *mwhaha*.  

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Posted on 9th July 2017


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