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While I am fortunate of late to afford to have purchased some devine quality implements/toys.  I have become intrigued about making some of my own.  Having successfully put together my gun case conversion for handing canes and floggers in, I’ve been left inspired.  

I have plans to make a smother box and an Ikea tressel perverted into a spanking bench/stool – those are my larger project plans.  But I am also going to play about with trying to make an elastic flogger from a bungee cord and a skipping rope.  

Wish I had the space to create and use more furniture ideas, but I don’t :( 

Any loyal subbies willing and skilled to make things for Mistress? I can’t be doing all the work myself, now can I.  

« Mistress Lagertha's Blog

Posted on 20th June 2017

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