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Well there seems to be an ever growing list of social media’s to use, that people can interact with or follow.  As putting them all on my home page would fill a huge chunk of space, I thought why not create a blog that lists every net presence I have in one place, with a little about each. 
Fetlife https://fetlife.com/users/813116 
An American fetish social media site not unlike Facebook.  I use this the second most, for both my lifestyle kink activities and my Pro Domme presence. 
Kinksterlife http://kinkster.life/home/MistressLagertha 
A British fetish social media site, were you can rate your interactions with people and get a feel for how genuine a person is by their ratings - site is still quite new. 
Twitter http://twitter.com/MistressLagerth 
Standard American social media site, I use this most and it's linked to my onlyfans account also.  Content of my profile ranges from what I'm up to day to day, to fetish related shinanigins and other pleoples stuff I like. 
OnlyFans http://onlyfans.com/mistresslagertha?ref=183154 
It's a subscription based social media, cost £4.99 a month I believe. I post through it to twitter, and certain content is exclusive only to paid up followers. 
A phone app that is similar to what'sapp and others, where you can text me without sharing phone numbers, so long as you have my user name.  
Adultwork http://www.adultwork.com/MistressLagertha
An adult content orientated website, where I have a profile and offer a selection of paid for services - phone sex chat or domination chat, web cam domination, personalised written porn stories, booking of real time domination sessions *I don't offer any physical sexual services*. 
Clips fatale http://clipsfatale.com/channel/MistressLagertha/ 
A fetish video clips site, which I've newly joined and slowly posting fetish orientated videos for your viewing pleasure. Helps you get an idea of what I'm like before you meet me. 

« Mistress Lagertha's Blog

Posted on 9th June 2017

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