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It’s coming I promise.  I just tried to create my account on clipfatale, but there was an error.  So that sites organ grinder needs a slapping, because issues like that royally vex me.  

So now I am at the mercy of error reporting and being got back to about it.  


In the mean time, I will put out yet another request for willing subjects to help me make video’s.  Those who agree, will have pay a deposit to cover studio hire and guarantee you will show up on the day – see my sessions page for details about fees.    

Identities can be concealed and tattoo’s birth marks etc can be covered.  

An application form is available in my second blog on this topic, to make volunteering easier.  Or you are welcome to email me directly at MistressLagertha@mail.com   

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Posted on 2nd May 2017

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