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Fet event shenanigans

Fantacy style wrestling

Well on Saturday 17th March 2018, I went to London to deliver a demo on sensation play at the Mistress and Master event in Hackney, hosted by Kim Rub. I will write a separate blog about...

Mistress and Master Event in London

I went along to I think the second one of these events on the 16th Sept 2017.  And have been meaning to do a blog about it for longer than I realised.  

I went along with the offer to...

Been along to a learning event today

This afternoon, I’ve been along to a kink learning event being delivered by a well respected member of the Kink community.  The way I look at things, is that we never stop learning – especially if...

I'm launching a Midlands FemDom event

Hi there guys and gals.  

Been a busy month for me, behind the scenes I’ve been keeping busy with planning a Midlands FemDom event.  At MY Command, will make its debut this...

Underfoot - Trampling Event

I went along for my first attendance at the Midlands event ‘Underfoot’, a week or so ago now.  It was not my first rodeo for trampling, as I’ve walked over the boys at Pedestal each...

2nd visit to Club Pedestal London

Jan 2017, as a fetish birthday treat to myself. I went along to Club Pedestal again. Mainly for self promotion, but also to show my female sub aka No1 sub, what a London fet night was like. My...


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