Mistress Lagertha’s Preferences

Discover ways to please instantly from suitable gifts to how I like my drinks.  

Things I love:

I’m a girly petrol head, I love dragons, leopard print, magical things – true or not I don’t care.  Art Nouveau and Art Deco which are two different periods in time for art.  I like going to the cinema and the theatre.  I love to dance, would love to learn latin.  I can ride horses but its been a long time, I love the countryside, especially the woods. 

Food and drink preferances:

I am incredibly strange with my food, some would say fussy or picky – I now know this is to do with my aspergers, it is very much to do with food texture and taste.  Until you can wrap your head around all the different nuances, which are a nightmare to explain – treat me as a vegetarian who eats some meat and has huge issues with traditional english vegetables.  I eat mostly a more Mediterranean style diet, based on beans and pulses, though it is slowly changing. 

Chocolate preferences; milk or white and usually the more pricey brands for the quality, making me less like to binge eat them …
– Prestat (pink champagne truffles and any of their milk chocolate selections or bars),
– Charbonnel & Walker (pink champagne truffles),
– Thorntons (continental selection, vianeese truffles or champagne truffles),
– Lindor.

I only drink alcohol socially and not too often.   

My preferences with alcohol when I do drink it are as follows…
1. Dark Mead (Norfolk being the best) – neat as is,
2. Spiced Rum (Deadmans finger, Rumbullion, Kracken) – with a mixer, flavoured Rum’s (Old J) – with a mixer,
3. Vodka (Russian or Polish) – with a mixer,
4. Cocktails,
5. Champagne (Charles de Cazanove, Clairette de Die, Lanson or Moet) – Brut,
6. Prosecco (Corvezzo available in Morrisons) – sweet,
7. Liquors (nothing with coffee!),
8. Sherry – neat, Brandy – usually as an ingredient to something else,
9. Flavoured Ciders, some Bitters – but less so these days,
10. White wine – I’ll drink it but not really a fan.

MIXERS; full fat fizzy pop’s – pepsi (try to avoid this if any of the others are available), lemon fanta or similar, lemonade, raspberry flavoured drinks, cherry flavoured drinks, ginger beer/ale – with rums, pineapple juice – with rums, juice or pop – with vodkas. 

I don’t drink coffee, because I don’t like it, I don’t like coffee flavoured anything. 

I very rarely drink hot drinks at all, maybe one cup of tea a year if the mood takes me.  Hot chocolate occasionally but I’m OCD about how its made – so learn how I like it. 

I am very much a cold drink person favouring; bottled water, squash, juice or as a last resort if there is no other choice fizzy pop.